Everything you need to know about the Open Food Network Community! [Meta] (5)
Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices [1-Voting Candidates] (12)
UX - Make Map Icons Make Sense ( 2 ) [1-Voting Candidates] (23)
Global website overhaul ( 2 ) [Community] (36)
Provide a more flexible reporting functionality with rich data access [1-Voting Candidates] (6)
Improve UX of Products page when updating price and stock level [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
OFN Australia adopting the common release cycle [Process] (2)
Improve management of multiple ordering process in a given open OC [1-Voting Candidates] (12)
Hubs can block shoppers / decide who accesses their private shop [0- Wishlist (curation)] (9)
Food Connect Wishlist (to be split in single needs) [0- Wishlist (curation)] (14)
Limit the available order cycles to select from for tagged shoppers [0- Wishlist (curation)] (5)
Add supplier name into default invoice template [3-Inception-ready] (12)
WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory [1-Voting Candidates] (16)
Inventory Management - Separate Product Info [0- Wishlist (curation)] (6)
'Networked e-commerce' overhaul [META] [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
Buying group can continue selling surplus after placing wholesale order [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
Summarise, adjust and place wholesale order [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
[WIP] Revamping OFN as Enterprise Search & Directory [0- Wishlist (curation)] (4)
Volunteer's management e.g. for packing/distribution, etc [0- Wishlist (curation)] (5)
Improve 'Shop Closed' page to provide useful information to potential shoppers [0- Wishlist (curation)] (6)
Users can navigate and use OFN features in their own visual environment [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
Shopfront Display ( 2 3 ) [(Archived)] (42)
Hubs and producers can easily create their enterprise on OFN [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
Hubs can ask their customers to validate their own terms and conditions [1-Voting Candidates] (3)
Enable hub manager to launch the relevant operations when order status changes [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
Mobile Strategy Pt 2: Standalone - Embedded / API [0- Wishlist (curation)] (7)
Tooltips Across the Backoffice [Software impovement] (1)
Private vs open products [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
Buying Group applies price 'translations' to inventory from wholesaler [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
Integrate the cheapest EU payment gateway for big hubs : Paybox Direct Plus [1-Voting Candidates] (2)