OFN Iberia - Katuma

Hello everyone,

I’d like to bring up a topic to hear the opinions of the entire community and perhaps spark some ideas that could be put into practice. For some time now, Katuma has been experiencing difficulties in promoting, managing, and supporting OFN within the Iberian Peninsula. The instance is being updated by the global community (correct me if I’m wrong). For several years, the creation and promotion of an OFN Iberia group have been proposed to fill this gap. Currently, we have a team that has decided to take the initiative and establish itself as an association that can begin to take on these responsibilities. For the past few months, we’ve been trying to work on the shift in responsibilities and have been facing challenges in maintaining open and fruitful communication with Katuma. Do you have any suggestions on how we could approach this governance change?

From conversations with Katuma late last year, the intention is to maintain the current instance to avoid duplicating efforts. However, this raises several questions that need to be addressed:

  • If we start promoting OFN from other sources outside of Katuma, we don’t have the guarantee of server updates or even its availability (I’m unsure who is currently covering the cost or where it’s hosted).
  • Due to the uncertainty of the hosting situation, introducing changes or enabling other options is not, in the current situation, a viable choice.
  • There’s a discrepancy regarding the capacity to refer to this instance as a resource of OFN Iberia, which causes other credibility issues.

We are currently working in different regions and carrying out projects that require answers to the mentioned questions.

I believe the global community hasn’t faced this situation in the past, and I’d like to know your opinion on the matter.