Delivery Circle - May 7th

Discussion topics

About Ubuntu upgrades on production servers and technical contacts on instances:

  • it was noticed that the India server is not being used;
  • a technical contact is someone ideally
    • with access to the server and can communicate about it atm
    • it should be able to ask technical questions
    • it should be someone reachable in case a server goes down
  • at the moment, it’s not well defined undefined how much support should it be provided by the core team;
  • This is a question for instance-managers. It’s actually a funded feature to have instances on the global board.

Board updates


  • did work around caching for the Disco Regen project last week - exciting times! The discovery portal is going up :tada:
  • otherwise working on product refactor


  • Helping out with Ana and Ahmmed on BUU
  • infinite loader for background reports
  • working on Ubuntu upgrade

Was sick last week, but managed to make a PR to connect n8n server

  • task near complete for Disco Regen Project
  • DFC orders still blocked on the UK team on how to authenticate API
  • Disco Regen: taking some time to solve last minute issues (like stripping unsupported hrtml tags from the DB).

So for now, available for the next big thing - till unblocked for DFC orders.


  • migrating FR N8N flow to the new server - big task, first time! :muscle:
  • providing new funded feature time estimates (see last topic)

Was sailing last week :sailboat:
But now back, so there are some PRs for testing.


  • working on Knapsack green build (now green, achieved by disabling queue mode - which should be possible to enable, but there are additional changes required)
  • checkout legacy specs

Additional comments

On the In progress column: some PRs hanging, Rachel and Sigmund groom/maintain this column regularly :clap: ; @dcook wonders whether some are close to completion.

On PR #11055 - is the blocker PR for enabling BUU by default!! We’re almost there.

Funded Feature time estimate

Changing open orders (adding new line items):

  • we need design for the workflow: UI on creating a new order or add to a new one
  • currently, people cancel orders and start new ones

For next week: a new payout report! We should have all the data. So it should be possible to create a new report, to prevent users from having to juggle columns with external tools :person_juggling:

The second dcook is actually @maikel .