Software roadmap 2024

Long overdue, here is a summary of what we are aiming at for the end of April (1st quarter):


  • Backoffice UI Uplift: rollout description and more info here:

  • Product Model refactor: in order to pursue the Network feature development once we have finish BUU, we need a refactor of our product model. Issues are tracked here: Product refactor Milestone · GitHub

  • Some instances have an Ubuntu version that will be soon deprecated. We aim at upgrading servers with the latest Ubuntu version

  • Stripe test automation: automating our Stripe testing would allow us to stop doing release testing (or at least the way we do it currently). See point 3 of the testing circle notes for last update

  • Missing translations: we would like to catch missing translations before manual testing :muscle:

  • Discovery endpoints: funded project aiming at a discovery portal, this is currently actively being develop by the AU team. A dedicated community post will be done once the project is ready to launch, In the meantime you can follow the project here: Discover Regenerative · GitHub

  • DFC API Orders: continuing the work on our DFC API, after products, orders are being displayed on the API. 2 pilots project in the UK will use the API in April and June this year. Project board is here: DFC Orders Implementation Phase 1 · GitHub

Up next

What will happen next?

We still have two leftovers from 2023: work on better invoices and tax report. Both have no dedicated funding and rely on core budget which is low atm. Hopefully we will be able to get them to the last mile in the next 6 months.

The next network milestone will be around Product tags: be able to tag product (add a label to triage them) or actually use our tagging feature and be one step further in our target to retire inventory.

Quality side, we have not migrated yet all our automated testing from the previous checkout, this needs to be fixed. Increasing our report automated test will also help spotting bugs more easily.

Funded feature side, there should be some funding to continue work on vouchers and the new product modal.

More details on this soon!

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Thank you so much @Rachel - this is really helpful - not just to communicate to users but it can really help with our funding bids too.
Big respect to the product team and all the amazing devs too. You are all very much appreciated :hugs:

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April 5th update: all projects have progressed and some are really close to be done :slight_smile: More info next month, but don’t hesitate to ask if you need more info!