Testers Catch-up 6th March 2024

Discussion topics

  1. replicating UK-prod on staging UK to facilitate testing on the DFC Orders work

Context: [DFC] match taxons to dfc product types by rioug · Pull Request #11817 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub

It’s a good idea to have a staging server ready for testing the upcoming DFC feature, on orders. We don’t need the OFN-CA data anymore, so let’s reprovision UK-staging with the cloned/anonymized data from UK-prod

  1. Sharing load on the test-ready column

Sharing is caring: due to availability clashes we’ve redistributed the load between testers. In addition we might have an extra day for that as release preparing will happen on the timezone of testers.

  1. Stripe Front-end tests

Dropping the puffing-billy option: conflicts between port usage (Puma and EventMachine are competing for the same port) are preventing us from moving forward. We’re proposing to stop Stripe card testing on release testing, arguments are:

  • in about 6 years, we’ve never really spotted regressions while testing with cards, on the front-end. We did spot regressions, while testing PRs, which of course we should test manually, when the code changes justify this
  • Stripe has plenty of documentation to improve API tests
  • other discussions should take place instead: having more developers in a EU time-zone would be great, so we can safely roll-back, if a release introduce S1/S2 regressions. This touches other points, like, on how are we actually doing financially (would this additional hire be feasible?)