Delivery Circle - March 26

On hiring
@Rachel met with Ana (more backend, but can also do frontend), not in a hurry for hire. Giving a fixed amount of issues to take care of is an option. Aaron is taking care of updates to global sheet, then with Kirsten to figure out budget available.

Funded features
Rachel and Mario had a chat about it, shared some notes in #product-circle in slack.
There are features that can be funded, but need estimate for development. We need to decide how to handle them. Recently there was an issue for UK, async we discussed how it would cost. We think we can’t do that every time.
Before a lot of estimates were done by Lynne, and she would have a chat with a dev, and then we would multiply it by 6. We are noticing that we recently we underestimate.
We could add a standing item at delivery circle to introduce issues that might need an estimate. if small, we could estimate a couple of weeks later at delivery circle. if bigger, or if workshop needed, maybe the australian tech catch up might also be an option. They currently sit in the Funded Feature Candidates column in the Wishlist Board.
Agreed that before discussing it at delivery circle, as much info as possible would be shared to give context.


  • setting up new N8N server, now it’s up and running, still working on it
  • made some progress on the S1 bug, realised that monitoring was not set up properly, now there’s an issue on that so that we can track issues for infinite loader
  • no progress on product refactor


  • focusing on change unit and unit display, almost finished
  • #11752: Matt did a deep dive, raised a few things, including PRs for, comments and commits. provided a fresh perspective on things, identified a few areas where we can improve performance that most likely contribute to this issue. with the 2 PRs that are ready for testing (#12306 and #12307), we can now start reviewing if loading is improving. trying to load pages in multiple tabs might be a good way to test it
  • Filipe to test, if all is good then prepare the release for merging
  • couple of gems to be upgraded that might help with loading


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