Delivery Circle - June 18th

Team progress

  • @Mario : working on product previews. especially how to introduce product description which is quite tricky / but important for users in CA.
    See wishlist Producer can preview how products will appear in the store · Issue #64 · openfoodfoundation/wishlist · GitHub
    Clokify code for this should be under “Flower farm” project

  • @dcook : Columns should be almost ready. After that only 2 issues left to pick-up on BUU1: refactoring the specs (est. 1 day) and allowing to activate for new users. @Rachel will prepare a communication on BUU release for IM. David has also worked on CI issues, together with Maikel.

  • @filipefurtado : specs for BUU are done :partying_face: . Will follow the refactoring and if there is time left after manual testing, jumping back on migrating legacy checkout specs.

  • @Gaetan has pushed the last association PR on product refactor in code review next step is unit sizes!

  • @maikel : after fixing a bug on BUU, background report issue has risen again this time in Australia, so Maikel will publish a PR on one part of the problem (hopefully fixing 80% of it)