Delivery circle April 16th

New gem on the block

After working on remove SR from the product page, David is working on introducing Turbo to replace SR, as this framework might be a better fit for the type of action we are looking to build.

This PR will introduce the gem: [BUU] Remove Stimulus Reflex from Products screen by dacook · Pull Request #12328 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub

Ana is going to use it to work on this issue: Don't reload whole table when table menu actions are performed · Issue #11987 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub

Rachel is tasked to see with Ahmed if this is overlapping any work he might have started on the delete button.

Current tasks

If Mohamed is not coming back we will move his assigned issues to the backlog: no urgency on getting these dependencies upgrade (the webpaker is blocking the node upgrade, but so is the ubuntu upgrade :see_no_evil: )

Funded feature

We will continue using a part of the delivery circle meeting to talk about feature to estimate. We will use the end of the meeting for that to leave the priority to current work.
Videos to prepare the context need to be continued. Rachel is going to prepare the next one.
Should we try to always find the cheapest solution? It’s a good exercise, but we often under-estimate, so we should be cautious on not downgrading too much for the sake of getting a small estimate out.