Delivery Circle - July 9th

The Board


Started working on enabling BUU specs as default #12627. (may be handed over to Filipe, see below)

Product import was not working on mac;
#12005, #12183 are assigned to David, but it’s low priority, so they might be closed instead.

Wondering if working on Ubuntu upgrade for production servers is up next or minor funded features.


Will pick up #12627.
Continue remaining re-structuring of BUU specs #12497 if @chahmedejaz is unavailable.


DFC orders endpoint (Shopify).
Working on minor bug fixes.
Worked on report fix - awaiting for production test.
Reviewed DFC endpoint for research data.

Will be on holiday next week.

@Gaetan (via Slack)

The giant PR to move the Supplier to the variant has been merged :tada:
Working on moving the unit attributes to the variant.

General comments

On [BUU] roll-out: increasing percentage instead of the instance guinea-pig approach. It’s an admin feature.

Traffic and turnover also decreases on AU-prod, despite not summer over there.

Enabling superadmins vs percentage: Flipper is works with both specific users and percentage (as confirmed by Slack thread). @Rachel to create an issue for this (which happened faster than publishing these notes! :zap: issue here.)

Review on (open) funded-features:

Do we still need spike #9106? We can close this for now.

Two open issues on product refactor:

  • SKU still is displayed at product level #11973
  • Producer column empty on inventory S3, till further notice #12642
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I’ll be available for the restructuring BUU specs @filipefurtado :smile: