Delivery circle meeting - February 13th

Discussion topics

  • Zenhub licence update: Rachel to check with budget circle how to move forward

  • BUU : we’ve discussed the 3 months target to end the rollout: it can be achievable but not all backlog issues will be done and we need to get to the bottom of the infinite spinner bug (this bug is concerning as it is also happening on background reports). Rachel will provide a list of priority issues that Mario and David will review while they do some grooming.
    After the new variant inline button is done, David will invest some time on the spinner bug. He might request help from Maikel and Gaetan.
    And we took some time to review how the unit can be displayed on the new product page (Mario to update the issue [BUU] Change unit number and unit display · Issue #11061 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub )

  • Priorities in general: Gaetan will join Maikel to help on DFC orders (the full perimeter is not clear, something to ask Garethe or Lynne).

No news from Mohammed, so for now aside of contributors PR we mainly have 2 projects going on: DFC orders and BUU, the rest is in standby.

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