Delivery Circle - 04 June 2024

Discussion Topics

BUU performance

  • fast clicking between drop-downs - we can pause work on this for now, before rolling-out, as it is an edge-case
  • Formulated as a tech-debt issue
  • We’re unsure the PR will bring improvement, so we can pause it for now
  • Currently considering the Chrome/Lighthouse metrics to access UI performance (total blocking time, interaction to next paint); unsure how meaningful these are, as we need to consider variability/fluctuations, on each measurement

Current state of BUU issues

  • Delete button PR is test-ready!! (moved up the test-ready column, @filipefurtado will pick it up)
  • @chahmedejaz has started the Clone button
  • David has started the columns dropdown - selecting columns feature
  • Double checking we’re up to speed on specs parity (@filipefurtado to work on this and address missing review points from the last merged PR)

The Board


  • Fixed Discourse :tada:
  • Working on Product refactor


Worked on DFC orders


  • to test BUU PRs
  • Should #12515 improve performance?
  • continuing to investigate best metrics to assess BUU performance


  • nothing on Global, at the moment
  • running workshops for the Discovery Regenerative portal


  • working on sanitizing HTML
  • starting a funded feature - new, partially anonymized DFC order endpoint

Some context on the DFC/INRAE work

  • we might be using the Connected Apps feature, to opt in/out from this specific endpoint.
  • could we consider adapting the current query to a Metabase dashboard?
  • should this endpoint be publicly accessible? This could open up the possibility to perform this study on other countries