Product circle July 9th

Product refactor

We’ve talked about the fact that we can now change a producer on a variant and not a product anymore but this is not reflected in the shopfront.

As there is no clear quick win of working on this now, we consider working on the design as out of scope. If we get a lot of feedback from support teams we might reconsider.

During the demo it was noticed that cloning a product is still only possible at the product level: indeed it was never considered in the product refactor project and BUU scope aimed at keeping a feature parity.

Funded feature pipe

In progress

  • DFC orders: the shopify team are working so we should hear feedback / question in the next couple of weeks. When Maikel is back from holidays he will be able to pick this up on the OFN side

  • Anonymised DFC endpoint might need a second dev to finish on time

Ready to be picked up

In product review

  • Payout reports: we agreed to check if we can add the supplier filter to the OC management reports to put the Payout report in the OC management section. If it’s too complex on the dev side we will put the payout report in the orders & fulfillment section. Once this is cleared out, this is ready to be picked up

In design

Product preview: Rachel will ping people who participated on the wishlist discussion, but without any other feedback we will consider the designs as validated

Next phase on Network 2.0

We agree on a meeting with @Mario on July the 22nd. Invitation was sent during the meeting