Delivery Circle - June 25th


We are nearing completion for BUU1 :tada:
Planning to release for new users started 3rd July.
(note that David will be offline 4-7 July, but this should be fine, there shouldn’t be lots of new users. we can easily switch off the feature toggle if any major issues)

Issues in progress with @dacook, @chahmedejaz and cyrillefr.


Well done Gaetan on huge Product Refactor PR!
Investigating bug on stock level checking due to recent update
Working on Discover Regen and CA portals

Reports issue on FR.

Infinite loader issue can occur

  • if the report is very large ( fixed in current PR)
  • if the server is very busy


  • Do we add a timeout on reports generation? What is a reasonable limit?
  • Timeout for DB queries
  • We could also separate the report sidekiq runner from other sidekiq runner

There may be other possible solutions documented in issues already.


Investigated bugs.
Now addressing code review for Product Refactor.

Product Refactor

@mario: When would be a good time to review the impact of this on the design?
The current task is aiming to minimise changes to the UI. Minimal changes have been made in the current PR.

Product Preview

@mario: First concept preview is available to review. Where is the best place to post that, #product-circle?
Let’s wait for initial feedback there (from Theresa) then will post to GitHub issue.