Delivery Circle - May 28th

Product tags

As Mario is going on leave in a couple of months, we need to handle some topics before. Products tags are one of them.

Once BUU and product refactor are released, the idea is to focus on getting tags on products. These tags will cover 3 needs :

  1. Being able to label / filter products list
  2. Working as current systems tags do, helping users who need to tag variants to not be forced to use inventory
  3. Perhaps it will also be used in rights management once we are further down the road of network 2.0

before Mario leaves, it’d be interesting to work with a dev to understand how we want to split the work for 1 and 2 and if there are any specific aspects to know about the current tag system to be able to account for them in design.

@dcook volunteered to look into it :muscle:


Last “performance” PR should be done this week, this will help understanding if there is any blocker left.

We’ve talk about using performance tools like lighthouse, but the main focus for now is to use the page and get user feedback.

Current work

  • @Gaetan is working on the product refactor and should have a first PR ready end of this week / beginning of next one
  • @filipefurtado has paused migrating legacy checkout specs for now: maybe the remaining tasks can’t be migrated (need of a particular proxy) and is focusing on BUU specs, proposing small PR that should be able to be merged
  • @dcook has done the editing image migration to turbo and will help Ahmed finish off columns selection
  • @maikel is making good progress with CA team and their own Disco Regen project + is unblocked on FDC / Shopify

Funded features

@Gaetan volunteer on getting an estimate for Payout report for next delivery circle. Issue is here [Reports] Add a "payout" report · Issue #506 · openfoodfoundation/wishlist · GitHub

Order states

Filipe and Rachel dived again in the order states work. Turns out it has become quite obsolete already given that feature like split checkout were introduced since then.

Rachel will pursue with Garethe once he is back in order to review / merge his PR on DFC side: #16 document platforms order states by RaggedStaff · Pull Request #21 · datafoodconsortium/standard · GitHub