Delivery Circle 14 May 2024

Server upgrades

15 servers to upgrade as of March.

  • The previous estimate is out of date due to more servers, also we need to consider time taken to co-ordinate with each instance.
  • We would provision a new server for each, which requires hosting changes and costs. Once upgrade successful, the old server is removed.

Staging servers

There are some issues with these, and we also plan to update the data on each. So it makes sense to do that during upgrade.

What data do we load on each?
It would be ideal to have a copy of anonymised production data on staging servers, but also have one to use basic sample data. Suggestion to be confirmed by testers:

  • Euro servers (uk and fr) copy from prod. These are most used because they are local, and they also have DFC taxons set up.
  • AU server: use sample data (we may be prompted to update the sample data scripts too)


  • Problem with new products screen on staging (au and fr, for super admin). David to look into it. Rachel to document the replication details.
  • Problem with fr_staging intermittently failing. There was an out of memory error. Nobody has looked into it yet.

Legacy checkout specs


  • Delete task (ahmed) is waiting on Clone (ana) which has not progressed recently.
  • devs to meet soon hopefully
  • Rachel has re-ordered list on Milestone to match current priorities. We will consider the board the source of truth, but try to keep Milestone up to date too.

Back on to product refactor

Blocked on dfc orders (waiting on Shopify team)
Discover Regen portal: catching up on oustanding issues (eg sanitise HTML)

Funded features

  • awaiting UX for adding new items to orders
  • To discuss new report next week
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