Delivery Circle - 30 April 2024 🚃


  • to look into Theresa’s missing products.

Otherwise in-between tasks. Considering next:

  • update SR gems
  • next BUU task
  • infinite loader bug?
  • refresh staging servers?

@Gaetan working through several small things

  • n8n server config
  • Disco Regen (emails, caching fix)
  • hopefully a bit more product refactor tomorrow


  • legacy checkout specs.
  • noting that knapsack bump has been blocked. need to look further into it or contact support

Staging servers have been problematic:

  • uk: still broken due to other data issue. To be refreshed from prod
  • fr: sometimes fails to deploy. To be refreshed from prod
  • au: now fixed

@Mario: is live, but not launched yet.
Most supplier and product data is from OFN, via DFC.
Some extra data about regenerative practices is stored in Airtable. The data is mergd with n8n.

Sidenote: CA use-case may be simpler and no need for n8n.

Funded features

Wishlist #212 capture payments in bulk.

Video here.

People dont do it much because it’s clunky. Why is it needed?

  • looks wrong for customers portal (“I paid but it says I didn’t”)
  • helps with filtering/reporting

Also, bulk set of shipping status would be relevant after this.

But it’s hard to estimate because we need to switch from SR to Turbo, and don’t have a clear path yet.

2. Add items to orders (while order cycle is open)

  • can already remove line items
  • can already edit line items

There may be a lot to consider, although it sounds like we already handle much of it. Rachel to check and put together a video to demonstrate.

Mario: seems mid- to large size.

Talking about capturing payments, I was wondering if it’s worth delving further into the use-cases and needs (and sorry if that’s already been done).

If the problem is that shop owners need an easier way to mark orders as paid (and probably also shipped), then I wonder if this is a common case:

  1. Customer makes order in advance (either paid online, or chose “cash”)
  2. Customer arrives at shop/farm to pick up order. Shopkeeper checks if paid, takes money needed, and hands over the order

If so, it would be better if the shopkeeper can quickly view the order and mark it as captured and/or shipped straight away. (Data entered on time is more likely to avoid errors!).
This seems pretty easy: they could have a computer set up with the bulk orders screen, filtered for current orders, and click capture/shipped as the order is picked up. So why aren’t they?
Maybe they need a mobile- or tablet-friendly screen. Or maybe they need training or better understanding.

This starts to overlap with the idea of integrating POS, but that’s another topic (that came up today…). But I think OFN can offer some simple (cheap solutions) which might allow many small businesses to operate indepently without the need for a POS.