Testers catch-up 31st January 2024

After a nice intro on cats and dogs :dog: :cat: :dog: :cat: and sleep routines :zzz:

@Rachel @konrad and @filipefurtado chatted on roadmap priorities. Tentative proposal is:

3 month goals

  • Stripe testing (ongoing, epic here)

    • implementing VCR in existing tests
    • implement front-end tests (to replace manual testing)
    • after this time period, re-evaluate where we’re at, and possibly move on to the next task. We would also evaluate if it’s the right time to drop release testing as we know it and switch to a more “exploratory” release testing process
  • Missing translations

6 month goals (WIP)

  • Review and migrate legacy checkout specs, epic here
  • API testing (Epic to be created)
  • Verify that testing different file types are tested in reports
  • Come up with a process for adding seed data to staging servers (meeting to be set up in April?)
  • Bring CodeCov gem back to a working state (seems broken after introducing Knapsack)
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