Software improvement

Enterprise Locations [Software improvement] (1)
Hub's suppliers can prepare the invidual orders for the hub's customers ( 2 ) [2-Inception] (25)
WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory [1-Voting Candidates] (18)
Clearly communicate about which browser we support [1-Voting Candidates] (7)
Order cycle redesign in new product chain model [0- Wishlist (curation)] (1)
Permissions in the new product chain model [0- Wishlist (curation)] (1)
Product Reception and Shipping fee in new product chain model [0- Wishlist (curation)] (1)
Hubs manages, without friction, shipping and payment methods and can grant permissions on them [1-Voting Candidates] (8)
Enable quick capture of payments for a batch of orders [1-Voting Candidates] (8)
Notify customers/members in an OC [1-Voting Candidates] (8)
Enable to identify customer on orders view [1-Voting Candidates] (12)
Alphabetical ordering of products/variants in the Bulk Edit Products / Order Cycle / New Order pages [1-Voting Candidates] (8)
Improve management of multiple ordering process in a given open OC [1-Voting Candidates] (14)
Enable products dispatch per distribution location [1-Voting Candidates] (5)
Limit the available order cycles to select from for tagged shoppers [1-Voting Candidates] (12)
Customers know clearly when their order is made [1-Voting Candidates] (3)
Hub manager is aware of the impact of the modification she makes in her products catalogues on active order cycles [1-Voting Candidates] (2)
Enable better product transparency by allowing hyperlinks in product description field [1-Voting Candidates] (7)
Enable Matomo to measure backoffice and actions [1-Voting Candidates] (1)
An enterprise can offer different prices for different type of customers (ex: members, wholesalers, etc.) [1-Voting Candidates] (16)
Improve UX of Products page when updating price and stock level [0- Wishlist (curation)] (7)
Hubs can block shoppers / decide who accesses their private shop [(Archived)] (16)
Offer a promotion when a min nb of units of a given product is added to cart [1-Voting Candidates] (8)
Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices [1-Voting Candidates] (16)
Enable product chain tracking & hub's variants creation [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)
Seed data [development] [provisioning] [deployment] [4-In delivery] (17)
UX - Make Map Icons Make Sense ( 2 ) [1-Voting Candidates] (23)
Food Connect Wishlist (to be split in single needs) [(Archived)] (15)
Inventory Management - Separate Product Info [0- Wishlist (curation)] (6)
'Networked e-commerce' overhaul [META] [0- Wishlist (curation)] (3)