Suppliers can easily invoice resellers for what they deliver

What is the need / problem

Mary needs to be able to place an order to Fred, and Fred needs to be able to easily invoice Mary for what he actually delivers (there can be a gap). This is not possible today in the OFN.

Who does it impact

Mary/Shannon and Fred.

What is the current impact of this problem

Today Mary send the general order to Fred for a given order cycle via email. Fred notify via email, phone, or sometimes doesn’t notify at all Mary for what he actually is able to deliver, so Mary sometimes just realize there is a gap when she received Fred’s products. There is no delivery note connected to OFN.
Fred invoices manualy Mary with his own invoicing system, so all gaps are manually handled.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Enable Fred and Mary/Shannon to better operate their purchase, delivery and invoicing operations. Gain in time efficiency.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

Was not covered in Aus Dec 17 brainstorming.

So is this iceboxed as part of Delivery note @MyriamBoure @danielle ?


I know nothing of the content @sigmundpetersen, I keep my nose out of all things product. @MyriamBoure is the woman with the knowledge :nerd_face:

yes @sigmundpetersen but it’s another next step, that’s why I didn’t include it in the icebox. But you can connect it to the icebox actually, we might partially cover it already in the solution we design.

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