Make OFN invoices legally compliant

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What is the need / problem

  • “Print invoice” doesn’t keep track of changes between ordered and delivered
  • Today it is possible to generate multiple time an invoice which have the same number and different content (not legally compliant)

Who does it impact

  • All hubs generating invoices from within OFN (Mary and Shannon)
  • Jane as until now it is not easy for her to understand the changes between ordered and delivered

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Invoices generated from within OFN are not legally compliant so it makes hubs at risks legally speaking
  • When there is a difference between what was ordered and delivered it’s not easily communicate and understantable for customers

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Improve the hubs ability to be legally compliant
  • Improve customers understanding of their billing

Links to more details

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

We did a value/ease matrix in Aus Dec17 and selected as a potential feature candidate:
“We generate an invoice from OFN including the original order and amendments”

So of course to do so we will need first to enable change tracking between ordered and delivered inside OFN, but we’ll deep dive into all that in the inception stage.


An additional part of this need: Another reason the current invoices are not legally compliant is that they do not identify the supplier. They only identify the re-seller (hub) and the suppliers/producers names do not appear. At least in CAnada, (and I suspect elsewhere) a buyer must have a full description of what they are buying - including brands… So in our case, to be legally compliant, I suggest the producers name (which is the product brand) needs to be on the invoice.

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Closing this one as covered in this new wishlist that integrate the need explain here and goes further on solution. Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices