Users have the appropriate permissions given their role and all those who can be created automatically are

What is the need / problem

There is still some confusion and issues with E2E permissions.

  • Producers can update fees in an OC with a fee from the hub (shoudn’t) and can’t see other enterprise fees that apply to his product (should).
  • Some automatic E2E permissions are not exactly accurate, especially when group owners create multiple entreprises some 2E2 permissions are created but shouldn’t.

Who does it impact

All users

What is the current impact of this problem

Sometimes hub have permissions they shoudn’t have, or sometimes they don’t have some they should have.
Of course this can be fixed so there is a workaround but automatic E2E can be bothering for users managing a lot of enterprises.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Simplify the life of our users and avoid non legitimate permissions.

Links to more details

Various issues on GH explain in details the problems and potential solutions:

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

Feature candidate would be an epic “review E2E permission en fix them” and stories would be like:

  1. List and update documentation on E2E permissions
  2. List the problems with them
  3. One story for each problem identified

This is too vague, and some part of it sounds more like bugs, if someone has a permission they shouldn’t have… so I’m moving it back to curation, needs to be curated.

Migrated to wiishlist board: Review Enterprise2Enterprise permissions and fix them #115