[WIP] Revamping OFN as Enterprise Search & Directory


Continuing the discussion from Making OFN an open directory for all the local/sustainable food ecosystem:

I am starting a separate thread that is focused specifically on how we could make OFN’s Enterprise Search / Directory functions work better. Regardless of the meta-issues discussed in the thread above (including potential development of 3rd party integration platform and/or joining other existing effort), we in Australia still think there are things we would like to change so that OFN search / directory is exciting and enticing :slight_smile:

I have added the label ‘directory’ to every related github issue I can find so we can keep track of them. I have set up a github milestone ‘Revamp OFN as Directory’ and put in all the related issues as a starting point. This includes some that are identified as ux, groups etc.

There are some existing issues as outlined in Groups Wishlist Phase 2 - Directory re-launch, which are re-organised and included in my new framing / summary below

Some of my framing below is through the lens of ‘how I think this could be improved’ but I think we are agreed (@danielle @sstead @serenity?) that we want UX meta-look at this, especially in the context of major site UX overhauls including for mobile responsive, which may impact use of modals . . (@MyriamBoure @lin_d_hop)

OK, so here’s my first attempt to scope this

Problem Definition

Many of us do (or wish to) promote and use OFN as an impartial directory of enterprises, that includes farms and hubs / shops that use OFN for e-commerce as well as those that don’t. Our ability to / confidence in doing this is impeded by the limited and clunky operation of the search - particularly on the map page. I’m going to focus on the map page (rather than shops or producers) as they are more workable at the moment, but some of proposed changes below would probably flow through. UX redesign could consider all of them (what is our scope?)

Bugs / clean-up

  • Address validation so no more enterprises in the ocean- G#954

I want to be able to search / filter what is already there

  • I need to understand the icons on the map, Map key?
  • Currently the map only enables search by location (also only suburb, not street address). This is really annoying if you’re looking for a particular farm or hub.
    • Previously suggested ‘quick fix’ solution was to “Explore integration of auto-complete into the search bar, so that starting to type the name of an enterprise in the page will show you options for matching enterprises” see G#544
    • Has also been noted that if Enterprise is on google it does come up (@oeoeaio is this if they have a specific google profile on maps or just if search finds them?)
  • Map search on products, producers, filters etc G#968
  • filter by profile only, has ofn shop, ofn shop open/closed
    • this could later be extended to draw info from profile or other sources e.g. opening hours

I want more relevant and useful information in the profile

Assume that once information below is included in the system that users should be able to easily search/filter by it

  • enable producers to attach ‘product categories’ to profiles without adding products G#756
  • extend profile / enterprise types for classification of food enterprises e.g.
    • for existing shop/hub type enterprises - food box, csa, store, coop etc

What are the E2E links doing in directory mode - could we be handling ‘relationships’ better?

  • make full producer profile visible from the directory listing and improve profile display D#1320
  • Current auto-E2E creation is not ideal for a user who is setting up a group. Many unneccessary E2Es can be formed (because 1 users owns multiple hubs and producer profiles). See D#1267
  • Group links from enterprise G#966

UX Ideas

  • interaction between map and listings like AirBNB G#970

WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory
UX - Make Map Icons Make Sense
WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory
Groups - wishlist
WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory

@Kirsten - I’m echoing the need for better mapping tools - and I’m expecting Canada will be big into ‘groups’ - just as a way of having one instance but more relevance for local communities. So mapping and discovery is key for us. Where are we at with this ‘wishlist’ item? Has any of it made it to icebox for example?

Also @jveilleux - where are you at with additions/improvements you’ve made to the map and associated discovery? have your changes addressed any of the above and is there a chance we might integrate them into the OFN master code to some degree?


Sorry I’m just seeing this. What we’ve done is to enable users to search based on their address. For example, if you go to markets.farmfreshweb.com and enter 28804 (my zip code), you’ll see farmers markets in my area.

The code is freely available, although I’m not sure if we’ve provided the correct link to the source yet. Given how long it took me to get my developer to do a pull request for the weights and measure changes he made, I’m not sure if waiting for him is the best way to get at that code.


We need to merge with WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory for the discovery stage to propose something to prioritize, like scope for v1 of feature is blablabla. I’m leaving this in curation stage for now.


I had a user question today - might related to this wishlist item. Is it possible to capture a subset of OFN enterprises (that are already mapped) and create a driving/pick-up route between them with driving directions? Like could we export enterprise locations onto a google map and find connected directions ?
People are looking for driving routes between pick-up/delivery locations (ie CSAs are creating distributor enterprises for their delivery locations), and for picking -up orders from suppliers.