Groups - wishlist

There are many features that could be developed to enhance group functionality.

Phase 1 - bug fixes

  • Fix spacing / wrapping issues on the producer / hubs tabs (take into account extra field of open/close) . . issue created #G1100
  • Add blurb section on groups homepage . . done, has funny wrapping #G1099
  • accidentally scrolling map when trying to scroll group page G#1101

Phase 2 - Directory re-launch

  • enable producers to attach ‘product categories’ to profiles without adding products (so that above functionality does something!) G#756
  • make full producer profile visible from the directory listing and improve profile display G#624
  • Current auto-E2E creation is not ideal for a user who is setting up a group. Many unneccessary E2Es can be formed (because 1 users owns multiple hubs and producer profiles). See G#576
  • More detailed ‘shop now’ information, to encompass roadside stalls, stockists, markets and non-ofn shops.
  • Group links from enterprise G#966

Phase 3: Nice to Have

  • On group summary page - hide search field until there are 10 groups listed G#965
  • Enterprise can request to join a Group
  • Change About tab
  • ability to add pics
  • improve layout (two columns) - check if already exists?
  • Adding different features / functions / content e.g. blogs, calendars
    • Content / organisation features: news feed / blog feed (and content managed vs. embedded from external site like WP, Tumblr, etc)
  • Calendar of events
  • Media feed / in the press
  • Links / network (sites outside OFN)
  • Some info visible when you hover a mouse over a pin on the map. Or could we offer more detailed producer type icons on the map (ie/ grapes for wine growers, cheese for dairy producers etc).
  • Suggestion to have a key for the map’s icons G#841
  • Design / page enhancement features
  • Full screen background image
  • Gallery of images (e.g, etc)
  • Map view - search for individual member (within group-filtered view) G#544

Possible Later Product features

  • Define custom taxons
  • Join group - form / enquiry feature
  • Accreditation groups - custom badges are applied to individual entities (e.g allows - Group to attach a property, like Organic certified, to all members of the Group)
  • Accreditation groups - allow for super admin authentication or to deal with double-ups, challenges to certification group ownership


  • Scrolling bug G#754
  • Implement filtering of producer directory (within groups page) so visitors can search by producer categories e.g. what types of food they produce G#625
  • simplify profile set-up and verification for group administrator, simplifying initial engagement with Producers (this needs more detail - @serenity @sstead to do detailed spec at G#757)

@Kirsten - can you explain what you mean by this a little more? It seems that the positioning of the map when you open the group is correct, and you can easily scroll and zoom, so not sure what needs to be changed. Help!

Talking through this with Meg, we think it’s not necessarily a good idea to have on-map hover. The design feature needs to be thought about more, in terms of touch screen use and also how to deal with clusters of points on the map.

@Kirsten is the gallery for profiles, or for the group itself? Or for both? And a thought, can we just connect/display using instagram for something like this rather than storing the images ourselves?

@serenity @danielle @sstead to review please :smile:

Looks good @Kirsten :smile:

@danielle @sstead I’ve updated this based on what I can find on github etc. Have posted a couple of questions on git issues. Also, done some labelling . . as requested Sally has gone back and added group / map to relevant issues

I am also adding ‘australia’ to all issues that I think are related to / need to be considered for aus re-launch, and ‘directory’ as broader label for everything that would be part of stronger positioning around ‘directory’ functions e.g. both groups and map (and other)

We have been fielding quite a few questions about the Group feature on the platform.
and I have 2 scenarios, and this seemed the most obvious place to put them.
One of the big benefits of the groups feature is the mapping of a sub-group on the OFN eco-system.

We have a group interested in using the OFN first as a directory for CSAs throughout the country. Then for the e-commerce abilities should individual CSAs wish to do so. For now they only want to look at the map and profiles and use the hubs tab, but do not want to show the producers tab, as in their case, it is redundant. Would it be possible to remove a tab on a group?
I imagine this would mean creating a toggle on the group admin page for disabling tabs.

Next scenario, a regional food system is just finishing off a new website, and are struggling with choosing what mapping solution they will use, and they want to know if they can embed only the group map on their new website? It is an excellent way to softstart the on boarding of various groups throughout the country to start using the OFN first as a directory, and hopefully later for all our other magic!
Is it possible to embed a group map externally? and if not, what would it take to do so?

ping @sigmundpetersen

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