Enable product chain tracking & hub's variants creation

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What is the need / problem

  • Mary and Shannon need to be able to make their own version of Fred’s product, without loosing the product origin information
  • Fred needs to be able to deny that he supplies a given product to a given hub (if he didn’t create the product himself)
  • Mary and Shannon need to be able to create Fred’s products on his behalf in order to sell their own version of it in their shop

Who does it impact

  • Fred, Marys and Shannon because they can’t easily create their own version of a product and follow up changes on the original products.
  • Jane because she cannot easily see today the producer behind the products if the hub create his own version of it.

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Lack of transparency: Today we loose the transparency on the supply chain (the origin of the products, which hands it went through, etc.)
  • Misleading origin information: Today when a hub wants to create his own version of a product, he needs to set himself as a producer and create his own product. So for instance, the wholsaler of a product will appear as the producer of this product, which is misleading information.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Hub’s flexibility: A hub can create their own versio of a product
  • Easy products update: A hub knows when product information has changed up the chain
  • Time efficiency: People are no longer creating duplicate producers and products
  • Transparency and accuracy of the origin informaion

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