Discovery Session: Networks (WIP)

How might we make the “network” in the Open Food Network actually work?

View of the user/agent types that are involved in the processes, and their high level needs.

Things that are inherently needed by all these users

Problem #1 in achieving these needs within the OFN platform

Problems #2 and #3

Problem #4

Solution model for problems #1 and #2 (note: this doesn’t solve the users/agent relationships)

Solution model for problem #3
Part 1

Part 2

Solution model for problem #4

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For those of you looking at the solutions and going cross-eyed, don’t worry. Someone in the room who created and understands these models will write up notes so you too can decipher how they work. :grin:

I have lots of strong feelings reading this…1) really impressed with what important work you all are doing over there - this is going to make OFN so much stronger 2) very comfortable that - even though i can’t grasp the detail of what you are doing that I have complete trust that you are doing an ideal job on behalf of all of us and 3) i wish a lot that i was there and could join in…and maybe next time I will :slight_smile:
Thanks very much for doing it - we are an amazing team doing spectacular work :raised_hands::thumbsup:


google doc for writing up / annotating and capturing deeper understanding . .