Backend - Adding Products

Adding products is a clunky experience. The result of this experience being so difficult is that enterprises are forced to take on more of the workload and producers willingly do less. If we want to see a large number of thriving hubs we need to make it as easy as possible to run a hub!

Please add your thoughts and comments regarding uploading products to OFN?
What would make this process easier?
How can we make it simple to ensure there are nice photos, from the perspective of the hub manager and the producer?

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Bulk upload of products would help for many producers.

This functionality is being explored here:

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It would be nice in the mobile site to have a way to easily take photos of products on packing day.

I can imagine functionality that allows you to easily take photos of products, one by one, when you have them all in front of you on packing day. For each product you are asked if you want to submit a photo. You can try taking the photo over and over until you get a nice one. Once you have a nice one you just say ‘OK’ and the photo is uploaded onto the product page. The task of adding photos is currently quite cumbersome but they are the most important aspect of the product description so anything to simplify this would be a major win.

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when adding products manually it would be good if producers could set up some fields that come up with a default every time they enter a product. EG deafult to ‘cheese’ in ‘kg’ and always temperature controlled

Being able to easily format the product description, which is not possible at all for the moment:

I would add to Nick comments also to have a default VAT rate (different in France depending on the type of product). It’s too many clics at the moment to add a product.
Or maybe by default, the browser could “remember” what was selected for the last product and keep the same fields displayed? I see that sometimes on other websites.

Fix this bug: which is annoying new users when they add their first products, as it’s not intuitive at all: They naturally delete the “0” in the on hand field if they clic on “on demand”

To add a variant, some UX bugs to fix as well, I already identified 2:

Sorry update: actually as a hub manager I can choose which columns are displayed in the bulk edit product page and “save as default” so my second comment is not valid, it’s actually great to be able to customize my interface as a hub manager :slight_smile:

And we have a very annoying internationalisation issue in France with this ",’ vs “.” issue, which is affecting a lot the UX for adding/modifying products, as you need to put a “,” when you add a price, but it’s displayed with a “.” then, so naturally people then modify the price using the “.” and that changes the price adding one or two 0 to the price… (this is a problem in other countries as well). I put it here as it affects the UX of course…

If I am a producer and have a producer shop only, when I want to add a product, I still have to select in “producer”, my entreprise, even if I only have mine. If the user has only one producer type enterprise, the producer should be preselected so that he avoids the two clic to open the list and select his enterprise.

When I add a product and have to choose a product category, all categories are shown without respect to the level in the category taxonomy. Even the title of the taxonomy (here: products) is proposed. And if you add sub-categories to a category (for exemple in fruits and vegetables: salads, root vegetables, season fruits, …) you can’t see that it’s a sub category. Either we should ask to first select the category and then the sub, or display the list in a way to distinguish the level of hierarchy in the meny + not show the title of taxonomy.
This is confusing for users when adding a product, and for shoppers when buying.

I find adding the photos to be a pain. One new hub organizer here asked if she could use my photos - made me thing - why don’t we have some kind of a crowd sourced data base of photos available? And maybe when you enter a product name, the pic options come up? It would require some ‘rules’ about naming the pics somehow I imagine. No idea of it is possible, but it just came to me.


If I upload a product with a heavy image, it takes 10 sec to charge, and as a user, I think there is a bug and it’s not working: So as a user, I want an indication of the max size recommanded for pictures, and when it charges, a message saying “Don’t worry if the creation of the product take time, you might want to use picture less than XXX to create products faster!”

i’ve opened issues for the ones that were not opened yet: