Bulk Order Management - wishlist

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Ability to add line items to order from Bulk Order Management page

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Ability to add variants from BOM, so that I could quickly delete all the relevant ones and re-add them to the orders, thus updating the price

Yes, I would like a wishlist page for “add the ability to add a variant to an order from bulk order management.” It would be make the substitutions workflow a lot simpler for us, and hopefully other BGs.

Improve operation of calculator box

  • enable calculation of ‘item’ products / variants https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues/664
  • The calculator ‘total quantity ordered’ should read from ‘weight/volume x quantity’ not ‘product weight x quantity’
  • This is dream stuff… but to make the ‘current fulfilled units’ and ‘max fulfilled units’ more interpretable, we could have the calculator ‘talk to us’… for example… current fulfilled units could say ‘your orders make up 80% of your group buy unit size, you’ll need to raise orders by xxx to reach it’… or ‘your orders make up 120% of your group buy unit size, you’ll have an extra 10 units left over’.

Tell me what the units are!

  • The weight/volume field doesn’t tell you what units the number is in. It would be great if, like in the summary box, the units are shown beside the number. Or could we have an info box that tells people. FYI at the moment, mass units are shown in g, and volume units are shown in L. (this is a little inconsistent).
  • When you set the ‘Group Buy Unit Size’, when editing a product, there’s not indication of what units to use… For mass, it’s g, for volume it’s L. But there’s no way of knowing this- can we have an info box, or insert a greyed out grams/Litres in the box which disappears when you start typing?
  • Consistent units in the Coop report would also be handy…

MAX alert

  • When using the Group Buy function, I imagine it would be helpful if people got an alert if they raised a customer’s order above their MAX quantity.

Additional feature requests / improvements

  • addition calculator at the top doesn’t currently read from / add up quantities of ‘items’ - would be really good if it did!