Permissions in the new product chain model

Continuing discussion from A first iteration on product chain logic enabling full transparency

Basic permissions:

  • All enterprises can create products apart from HubProfile.
  • When an Enterprise is the owner of a Product Reference that has no “parent” through any formula, they can only set up a price, not a markup.
  • The product ID can be “orphan” (can be linked to an “unknown” producer), for instance for wholesalers who sometimes don’t know who is the producer behind the product.
  • A hub Product Reference will be connected to the origin producer through the Product ID so if Producer withdraw permission to a hub to distribute their products the Hub’s Product References will be “orphan” (but they don’t disappear). Hub can then link those Products References to other Products ID if they find another producer to supply them.

E2E permissions:

(1) In term of UX could be totally transparent for the HUB who manages a producer catalog, would be much easier than now. For example the original product can be created when the Enterprise creates a new Product Reference


(2) This means we will have a full transparency of all the product chain.

  • Fred gives permission to Shannon to distribute his Products. He has set up his own Product References to start with (sells vegetables by kg, etc.)
  • Shannon might create her own Product References as she want only to sell big quantities so sells by 10kg of vegetable and 6 bottles
  • Mary wants to distribute Shannon’s products, so Shannon gives Mary the permission to distribute her Products. Mary can also create her own 1kg vegetable reference. As Shannon Product References were indexed to Product ID of the original producer, Mary inherit those AND we are able to trace all the hands the product have come through.

@Kirsten @sauloperez @enricostn and all step 2 = permissions

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