An idea for future development - Producer price comparison table

Mark Parris - one of the Stroudco directors - imports bulk fruit from Spain to the UK. @Oliver has recently set up this spreadsheet to help Mark’s customers compare prices across different producers. Would this be something OFN could incorporate in future?

Email from Mark below:

From: Mark Parris
Sent: 27 September 2016 07:33
To: Nick Weir; Stroudco
Subject: Our price comparing sheet.

Hi Nick,

I have attached below the price comparing sheet I am using to share and compare multiple offers with various customers. The original sheet came from Wholegood - a fresh produce distributor who sells through Ocado. Oliver has then modified it to show up the best price per product highlighted in green in the google doc version.

The base price per product is the price delivered to Perpignan (logistical hub for Spanish produce) and then we insert a transport price per pallet to London in this case. Balcon de Europa has delivered to London prices as their initial price so transport is 0. The delivered price per kg is affected by the kgs and boxes that fit on a pallet which are variables.

@NickWeir could you remove Mark’s email address from the post. I’m forever paranoid about posting personal details online in places where they could be found by spam bots or anyone else looking.