Discounts in new product chain model

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Discounts are amendments of an initial offer based on certain criteria, that can be:

  • A quantity of a given product higher than X
  • A total order higher than Y
  • A “commercial” discount (for some unhappy customer for instance)
  • Any other thing?

I would treat discounts a bit like tag rules, I would set up discount rules.

  • Event that trigger amendment>
  • New offer after event has happened >

a hub might want to offer a discount on particular products - for ex - I ordered and received strawberries - but they were of poor quality. The hub received numerous complains. The hub decides to offer those customers a discount on strawberries the next week. Would that work? Or is that really the same thing as a ‘generic’ discount? (just a thought)

There are a lot of UK shopfronts that want to offer promotional discounts. This would work by customers having a discount code that they can put in which gives them a percentage or fixed amount of discount on the basket