Hub's suppliers can prepare the invidual orders for the hub's customers

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What is the need / problem

Fred needs to be able to prepare the individual baskets for each customer who bought to him through Mary, in order to prepare them an deliver them on the pick-up point.
'> today he sees the individual orders but the columns “customer” and “email” are anonymized.

Who does it impact

All buying groups’ suppliers, in the case where the supplier needs to make the invidual baskets himself before the members’ pick-up

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Time unefficiency for the buying group manager: Today as Fred has no way to get access to a report where he has the name of the customer and/or order ID for each individual basket, Mary needs to spend an hour per week exporting the whole “total order per customer” report, break it for each supplier and send it by email to each supplier.
  • Fred cannot run his sales autonomously: He is dependant on Mary to prepare the baskets he delivers. If Mary forgets or make a mistake, he doesn’t controle anything.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Gain in efficiency for buying group managers and suppliers
  • Shared responsability on the success of the delivery operations

Links to more details

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • Integrate Katuma specific hack report (but needs authorisation from hub anyway…)
  • Enable hub to “authorize producers to see customers names”, and remove anonymization in that case


That’s something we’re being asked for in Katuma. The anonymization makes it hard to prepare the baskets when using the current reports.

What are the implications of removing the anonymization in terms of GDPR? is it something that needs to be purposefully configured by the producer? (please, say no. No more flags :disappointed_relieved:)

Integrate Katuma specific hack report (but needs authorisation from hub anyway…)

I would be very happy to merge this report into OFN.


@sauloperez the agent responsible for customers data here is the hub, so making customers data visible for the supplier is not a question of GDPR for me as it is necessary for the realization of the service. We are not using customers data for any purpose that is not delivering the service that the customer asked for. The hub needs to be able to give a new permission to each producer to tell if they can or not see customers details, that’s the only thing I would implement, a new “hub2producer” permission.


have just discovered / realised that this is connected to post Notify Producers email to include customer details

NB. @tschumilas @CLFC @sstead that this is the main thread for this issue - this is the one that is ‘iceboxed’. Would having a report that enabled the producers to access the customer information do the trick? or it NEEDS to be in the ‘notify producers’ email as well?

NB. Noting relationship with post 1311 - it seems like amending the ‘notify producers’ email would be another potential feature candidate for meeting the specified need? @MyriamBoure @sauloperez?

Notify Producers email to include customer details

I think a report would do it. A supplier would need to see the buyer’s name, the distributor/pick-up location, and the variants & amounts they ordered. Just thinking - IF the report also showed the naked costs (ie; the supplier’s price before any fees) - and it was downloadable as csv, then it could be easily used by the supplier to generate their invoice to the hub too, and producers just need to ‘learn’ about one report. @CLFC? would it matter if it was a report or through the ‘notify producers’ button?