TOP10 priority needs evolution process

In Barcelona we reviewed the process for needs priorization. We said every quarter, every instance representative would vote for their top10 needs and then we would host a “pitching session” so that we can together build a common “top10” list.
Here is the one we came up with in Barcelona

As some instances were not here, and also because we need to keep some agility in case some event happens that could justify to modify this priority list, we need a space for amendments proposals to be voiced in between quarter priorization processes. So here it is!

I’m not sure how we should proceed with amendments proposal… my suggestion would be:
1- Ask consent from each instance representative, if consent then ok
2- If discussions required, we can host a new pitching session

But let’s see what is the need and we will adapt the process… ideally we don’t want to change our priority list every day of course :wink:
Also let’s be aware that for new instances that don’t contribute yet to the common pool, it might be hard to prioritize some needs that are really specific to your local situation. But of course you can still explain and pitch why it is really in the interest of the OFN to prioritize it over the other things :slight_smile:

@tschumilas @Kirsten @sauloperez @danielle @CynthiaReynolds @lin_d_hop @NickWeir if you see another way to manage modification requests on priority list please make an alternative proposal :wink:

@MyriamBoure do the different colours on the notes mean anything?

@sigmundpetersen not a thing. They were just the colours on the table at the time :smiley: