Product curation meeting #13 notes - 19 May 2020

Continuing the discussion from Product curation meeting #12 notes - 5 May 2020:

Participants: @Kirsten, @lin_d_hop, @Rachel, @maikel, @sauloperez, @Matt-Yorkley, @mbudm, @HarrietHolley, @Mario, and @danielle. With special guest appearance by the lovely @chez.

Done since last time we met

  • Performance improvements - new cache went out last release, done on this round of performance.

Current view of product roadmap

In play

  1. SCA Compliance phase 1 (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0) - bug going through around voiding payments and total refunds. Rolling out, 3 new enterprises in the UK each week, no issues to date. On hold in FR till the refunds are fixed.

  2. Mobile shopping improvements (@danielle + @maikel) - Design sweep shop tabs, order cycle section. Small tweaks to be done for these epics and testing if problems solved. Search and filter goes live in the next release. Product listings still in play, bulk product add designs. Hopefully a couple of weeks left before bulk of build done.

  3. Spree 2.1 + Rails Upgrade (@Rachel + @luisramos0) - going through testing. Need to find some time to complete this.

Next up

  1. Hub’s suppliers can prepare individual orders for the hub’s customers (@Kirsten + @sauloperez) - ready for delivery, discuss at delivery train meeting next week.

  2. Allowing shoppers to agree on T&Cs (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez) - Inception pushed forward, not much feedback as yet. Can now much this to GitHub as stories. Needs a tech owner. Also needs design help but there’s no designer capacity to do this

  3. History of invoice changes (@Rachel) - incepted last year, detail needs to be documented in GH

  4. Invoice number system (@Rachel) - incepted last year, detail needs to be documented in GH

  5. Consumer price comparison (?) - inception required

  6. Networking pt 1 (@Kirsten + @Rachel + @lin_d_hop + @luisramos0 + @Mario ) - review session a couple of weeks ago, further exploration of personas and definition of who to speak to so as to better understand needs around the functionality. Interviews to be run in the next couple of weeks with users, potentially showing prototypes (maybe) but would like to know a little more about the problem from users perspective and what they expect. Also started thinking about release strategy for the capability.

  7. Adapted weights and measures (@Kirsten or @lin_d_hop + hopefully @luisramos0?) - inception required. Becoming an increasing issue for the US. Will look to get it into GH

  8. Improved reporting (@HarrietHolley + @lin_d_hop + @Matt-Yorkley) - got input for ease/value, now have a view of quick wins vs projects, etc. Need to now go through requirements to understand priority and also think about technical strategy around reports. Roadmap to come out of this. Talking to a UX person about supporting the work as well.

Notes on topics covered in the session

Changes to order of priority on the roadmap

  • Consumer price comparison was dropped in the order as there is still a bit of work required in incepting it, and we already have a scope outline for history of invoice changes and invoice numbering that just need to be written up in GH.

Having an external dev team build the weights and measures capability for the US.

  • Becoming a big issue for the US.
  • Have had contact from people who are willing to work on it, back and forth discussion about the best way to support the person.
  • Inception had been done a while ago by @Kirsten. Not yet broken down into stories to be delivered or scope locked down. Needs to be broken down further, and also have a tech lead assigned.
  • @luisramos0 had a look at said a lot of refactoring needs to be done before it can be done.

Inception for the products in cart timer (reserving products)

  • Do we need to look at a timer to reserve stock in the cart for 5-10 minutes which seems standard for most eCommerce platforms?
  • Currently we don’t reserve the order at any stage. Really strange experience to be at the checkout and have stock issues and can’t check out.
  • First step is to get a bit more data? Do we know how many users leave at the point of check out? Would this be a sign to know that we need to reserve at this point at least? Need a dev to set up an event tracker to follow the shopper flow through the process. @mbudm to add this tracking on the shopping experience, @Rachel has the most experience in using Matomo from a non-dev perspective. @danielle and @Mario to help with this.

How might we size and cost features that could be paid for by others?

  • Almost need a “presales” arm who can do an order of magnitude effort overview.
  • Needs this at the moment for split payments.
  • There’s a solution right now that can be used that means we may not need any dev work done. This needs to be written up in discourse and try to bring it back to this forum for discussion by @Kirsten and @Rachel.

Recruiting product people - how do we go about this?

  • Let’s work out what exactly we’re looking for (which part of the full stack product manager and also the designer is most important for us to hire for at the moment), where we think they should be located, and all these kinds of things.
  • Session to be held to firm these things up next Tuesday straight after the delivery train catch up.

Thanks for notes!

Hello, just to clarify the “a lot of refactoring”, I estimated the work in 5 dev days, it includes the refactoring. This estimate is for an existing core dev. Having a new external dev working on this will be a different estimate naturally.

@luisramos0 do you think there might be an argument for a core dev to do the refactoring, and then a new dev to do the rest? Potentially a lot more efficient and also more likely to keep new dev engaged? dunno, just a thought

It’s a good question but I dont think it would make a big difference in this case. I think I’d describe the refactoring as: “refactor option value namer: move all angular code to the server and merge everything in one or more service classes”.