Product curation meeting #14 notes - 2 June 2020

Continuing the discussion from Product curation meeting #13 notes - 19 May 2020:

Done since last time we met


Current view of product roadmap

In play

  1. SCA Compliance phase 1 (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0) - Luis going to work on it this week, held up by a bit backlog, once he’s done stuff roll out will continue.

  2. Mobile shopping improvements (@danielle + @maikel) - search and filters released.

  3. Spree 2.1 + Rails Upgrade (@Rachel + @luisramos0) - Filipe started testing, did the first round and created issues but very few were created so it’s a good sign, now more work will be done and needs testing regularly. Next week will set a date for when this branch is merged with master.

Next up

  1. Hub’s suppliers can prepare individual orders for the hub’s customers (@Kirsten + @sauloperez) - ready for delivery, discuss at delivery train meeting next week, waiting on one of the other things in play to be done.

  2. Allowing shoppers to agree on T&Cs (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez) - stories in GH, ready to go.

  3. History of invoice changes (@Rachel) - incepted last year, detail needs to be documented in GH

  4. Invoice number system (@Rachel) - incepted last year, detail needs to be documented in GH

  5. Consumer price comparison (?) - inception required

  6. Networking pt 1 (@Kirsten + @Rachel + @lin_d_hop + @luisramos0 + @Mario ) - Progressing well, have user interviews running. Prototype for a potential MVP candidate built, good discussion about release strategies that informed the way that the prototype has been built.

  7. Adapted weights and measures (@Kirsten or @lin_d_hop + hopefully @luisramos0?) - a PR has been done for this, thinking the estimate had been overestimated. Work happening externally, and slowly across weeks with limited time spent within that.

  8. Improved reporting (@HarrietHolley + @lin_d_hop + @Matt-Yorkley) - Workshop today for a project update and requirements analysis and to define a tech strategy. And a UX person has been onboarded.

Notes on topics covered in the session

Product curation channel

  • How do we use this channel? Should anyone be able to comment? Is it useful, how do we manage it?

  • We don’t have a view of how people who aren’t in this forum contribute / be involved.

  • We need a policy on affiliates and associates and their rights and the such in the product prioritisation process. @Kirsten to set up a session to determine this once and for all.