Hub's suppliers can prepare the invidual orders for the hub's customers

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Both are important here and in fact users use 3 different methods for packing their orders:

  1. Notification emails
  2. Order management
  3. Reports

A solution should take all three into account otherwise it will only be a partial solution satisfying a subset of users.

Notify Producers email to include customer details
Enable to identify customer on orders view

I’d like to propose that in this issue we package three different issues that continually are raised:

  1. Reports: Hub's suppliers can prepare the invidual orders for the hub's customers
  2. Emails: Notify Producers email to include customer details
  3. Order Management View Enable to identify customer on orders view (this is a different issue but there is overlap)

The packaging of these three issues solves a often raised UX issue for producers in a complete way and gives a level of consistency to the UX which would be missing if only one of these was tackled.

In defining potential solutions to this issue there is a forth step to include, mentioned in many places:

  1. Create a UI that allows Hubs to share customer permissions with Producers.

This final step is important for GDPR reasons as stated by others above. The UI should allow sharing for customer details on a producer by producer basis.


So if I read you properly @lin_d_hop you are starting to do some inception and share reflexion about the scope of this feature :slight_smile:

So the need remains to enable producers to easily prepare the orders for the individual customers. For that you suggest that there should be multiple stories:

  • the producer needs to see customer name in reports
  • she needs to receive the customer details in the notify producer email ? (I would personally discuss that, I disagree, I think if we include all customers detail the “summary” email of what was ordered is going to be huge, I would rather redirect to the reports for customers detail, but I agree that we can at least review the template of the email)
  • she needs to have the authorization from buyer to have access to his/her personal details. For me this should be included in the terms of sales and might not require a specific UI. We need to check, but anyway that is part of the scope I agree.

Anyway, the three points above for me will be discussed in the inception stage where we brainstorm about the things to be done and how we do them, if we do all in one iteration or multiple iterations, etc. So I think prioritizing this wishlist will cover discussing those points. So as there are 6 votes I think we are going to do the inception very soon, and if you want to drive that inception you will be most welcome to :slight_smile:

About 3. As you say enable to identify customer on order view is a different story, even if as you say I see some connexion (linked to enable everyone to prepare orders, not only producers), I would rather prioritize two smaller features than try to pack them all in a big one that takes weeks and months to do… don’t you think ? If we prioritize 5 small things, then we can have another round of voting for next things earlier, that would be great !

Notify Producers email to include customer details

Yeah, basically starting inception based on the fact it has 6 votes and is likely to go through. It felt like between wishlists there was a bit of duplicate based on the actual user need (“Hubs Producers Can Prepare the Individual orders for the hub’s customers”).

So I thought I’d just link things together ready for the inception process so that we don’t miss anything strictly linked to the user need.

I agree that 3 is totally separate, but without 3 for producers this functionality does not satisfy the user need so I thought it was worth linking.

I agree to keep things small. Doing Enable to identify customer on orders view is a tiny issue alone so if that get’s voted as well it would make sense to do it first.


autoCrat is indeed nice option; another, more flexible one is to populate a single spreadsheet from external CSV (OFN report?), and then use other spreadsheets in the same documents to generate different views, report, tables, layouts… opt. with print page jumps, you name it.

The only thing the hub managers then needs to do is link the “template” to the data csv url (maybe with a unique token as security measure), open the template to trigger a data update, and export to pdf (or other).
OFN could then provide for a library of beautiful report templates, adapted by the community.

I adapted the script from


I realize we’ve prioritized this feature. BUT I also know we’ve put new issues on the back burner for at least the first half of the year (I suspect longer). I have 2 hubs where the producers need to know the names of their customers - and they need this now. Can you tell me - what is this Katuma hack referred to and is there a way OFN-CAN could apply this hack - as a temp solution - until the new feature is developed? I’m looking for temporary solutions here. (@CLFC)