Product curation meeting #17 notes - 14 July 2020

Continuing the discussion from Product curation meeting #16 notes - 30 June 2020:

Done since last time we met


Current view of product roadmap

In play

  1. SCA Compliance phase 1 (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0) - no change from last session.

  2. Mobile shopping improvements (@danielle + @maikel) - view cart upgrade is in V3 and being rolled out. Yuko tested product listings and Maikel sorting out changes for that this week.

  3. Spree 2.1 + Rails Upgrade (@Rachel + @luisramos0) - going ok, not sure on schedule, issues at the beginning but looking good now.

  4. The BI database replica stuff. (@lin_d_hop + @HarrietHolley + @Matt-Yorkley) - waiting for V3.

  5. Hub’s suppliers can prepare individual orders for the hub’s customers (@Kirsten + @sauloperez) - Waiting for V3.

Next up

  1. Allowing shoppers to agree on T&Cs (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez) - stories in GH, ready to go.

  2. History of invoice changes (@Rachel + @luisramos0) - incepted last year, detail needs to be documented in GH.

  3. Invoice number system (@Rachel + @luisramos0) - incepted last year, detail needs to be documented in GH.

  4. Consumer price comparison (?) - inception required

  5. Networking pt 1 (@Kirsten + @luisramos0 + @Mario ) - user testing currently happening.

  6. Adapted weights and measures (@Kirsten or @lin_d_hop + hopefully @luisramos0?) - work stalled due to chaos in the US.

  7. Improved reporting (@HarrietHolley + @lin_d_hop + @Matt-Yorkley) - confirming scope with instance managers, creating UX brief and then work will start on wireframing

Notes from topics covered in the session

  • Need to start thinking about how to onboard the product manager this week.