Localisation, OFN in your language

The Open Food Network supports several languages. Currently, there is English, French and Norwegian with new languages coming on board. Each language has its own file in the config/locales folder.

Translate the Open Food Network

If you are able to translate from English to another language, you can register at Transifex. We need translators and reviewers regularly. Once a translation is complete, we can copy that into our code and make it available for everybody. If you don’t want to use Transifex, you have to translate the language file in a text editor and send the result to us.

Change the language of an Open Food Network installation

The OFN deployment project lets you choose the language of the server during setup. Look into its documentation for more information. You can choose only one language per OFN installation at the moment.

translation notes:
Specific strings that need attention:
String 497:Listing on the OFN is free. Opening and running a shop on OFN is free. Setting up a group directory on OFN for your organisation or regional network is free.
added v1.8.4 - this needs to be modified to match the local instance business model.

This is a wiki, please add your information here by editing vs commenting below.

Translators: (if you are new and trying to understand the context of a given string, give us a shout out)

British English (en-GB): ?
American English (en-US): ?
Norwegian Bokmål (nb): @CynthiaReynolds (also contact for Danish, Swedish) @sigmundpetersen
French (fr): @MyriamBoure
Italian (it): @apicella2
Portuguese (pt): @saritamoreira

Other discussions on translation issues:

Related topics:

@maikel It appears that in order to go back and fix translation errors on Transifex, one needs the ‘reviewer’ role. As a ‘translator’ I can not go back and edit. Any chance you can upgrade me :wink: ?
ping @sigmundpetersen @MyriamBoure - this should solve our having to report the mistakes.
Question: does the latest updated text automatically get included in the new release, or do we have to note that it has been modified?

Of course you can be promoted if you want to :slight_smile:

I think the general workflow would be that if more volunteers want to join translating we can add them to Transifex as Translator. They can then add Suggestions (even if an earlier translation has been reviewed I think), and the Reviewer then approves suggestions. I hope there is functionality in Transifex for the Reviewers to get notified when there are new suggestions, @maikel do you know?

When there are updated strings for a project the Coordinator pushes these to a Transifex branch on github (or Transifex does it automatically?). We can then deploy the Transifex branch to our instance to get the updated translations. The Transifex branch always has the latest released code. (So we don’t have to wait for the next release to get translation fixes).

@maikel am I correct? :slight_smile:

Cf Internationalisation project notes

@CynthiaReynolds You are a coordinator for Norwegian Bokmal now.

There are coordinators, reviewers and translators. While an admin has to change a person’s role to reviewer or coordinator, everybody can join the translation team and become a translator. They just need to register an account on Transifex.

It is right that the transifex branch always contains the latest translations of the last release. You can deploy that one.

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Hi everyone,

I have begun a portuguese translation in order to test the platform for a possible Brazilian OFN instance. I think it would be nice to add it to Transifex, although there is no portuguese project opened in the platform yet.

Let me know if you’re interested in supporting portuguese too, I’ll be happy to contribute. Obrigado!

Great, muito obrigado. I just accepted your request for general Portuguese. Would you like to translate to Brazilian Portuguese as well? That could be the double amount of work. Transifex doesn’t seem very smart about that.

Thanks! Well, since brazilian portuguese is actually quite similar to other portuguese variations (like north american and british english) I think we could settle for general portuguese for now. It could always be differentiated in the future.

I would translate OFN to Slovenian in OmegaT is it possible? OmegaT open most text like files and you translate strings (ordinary sentences).
I noticed somewhere there is about 900 strings is it true?
For now I would just like to see how OmegaT handle those files, can @maikel or @sigmundpetersen show me where and which?

Hey @JozeHladnik! We use Transifex to translate to Norwegian. This is the standard method for OFN at the moment and it is really easy to use and perfect for online collaboration if you are more people translating.

You can find almost all text in the English locale. I’m not sure how well OmegaT supports yml files. You can try it. But it is probably easier to use Transifex. Once you have a complete translation there, it is automatically committed to the transifex branch on Github, available for everybody.

I have set transifex account and I requested 2 languages: Slovenian and German, I guess someone have to approve them so i can join Slovenian “team”.
I have also downloaded confing_locals-en.yml, changed it to .txt with notepad and edited it a bit with OmegaT. Until here it work with no problem. How can I upload it, so you @maikel can test and see if it is still functional .yml file?
I have translation memory from translating wpgeodirectory.com and machine translation support in my OmegaT, so I would prefer to translate offline and give it for review online.

I approved the two languages. You can translate on Transifex now. You might be able to upload your file there as well. Otherwise, have you worked with Github yet? You could open a pull request there. If it is not a valid language file, the tests will fail.

I have translation memory from translating wpgeodirectory.com and machine translation support

Transifex has a translation memory as well.
It also supports machine translation through Google and Microsoft, but you need an API key which is not for free.

can anyone give me an estimate of how long it takes to do the translation for a single language? and also @JozeHladnik you are planning to do the german one?

I would say it takes just few days to translate those 900+ strings. Or I
could do it in a month myself so beside. Actually we should make
colaborative translation over transiife, or? Thereby it is havier to
estimate time.
I could organise also german translation, but is there interest jet
9. sep. 2016 7:20 AM je oseba “Kirsten Larsen” <
noreply@community.openfoodnetwork.org> napisala:

yes there is interest in german translation . . will send more info shortly . . they may be able to find people to help

After the initial translation, there is also more work after each release. Does anyone have experiences how much time that takes? A couple of hours per month maybe?

Yes that’s a good estimate @maikel. German is already 10% translated in Transifex.

I would translate in Transifex on mobile but it is really user unfriendly, I think.
How can I save AND skip to the next string not needing to move to left side to chose new string?
Transleting in text file in mobile I am afraid to coincidently damage it.

Thanks for your feedback. Would you mind asking the Transifex support for improvements? We are using their service free of charge, so we can’t expect them to change stuff for us, but they are probably happy about feedback how they can improve their user interface.