Localisation, OFN in your language


Hi all, i just finished translating the remaining strings for Spanish in transifex, hopefully will be reviewed or pushed to github soon for future versions.

  1. Could the maintainer @mkllnk (i think corresponds to @maikel) add Catalan language so we can used it in our region too?

  2. Could OFN support multi-language (with a dropbox selector on the right-hand-side, no flags pls), because in Spain we have at least 4 languages and restricting people to only use 1 language at their hub it’s kind of a disadvantage.



Hey @capiscuas, I added Catalan for you. We have recently added the possibilty for machine translation through Google translate API so you can try that if you want. It is the lightning symbol in the translation interface. It gives a suggestion so you should go through it before saving.

Multilingual is on the roadmap, GH project here. Maybe @lin_d_hop or @softgust can shine a light on the state of work.


@capiscuas you can even join our slack channel, there’s a dedicated channel for multilingual there :slight_smile: Ping me with your email if you can’t join and I’ll invite you.


Thanks a lot @sigmundpetersen , my email is capiscuas __ AT ___ gmail COM , pls add me to the slack.


OFN Germany is looking for help with translation. Please ping @orangeman and @Odi if you can help. Thanks


@maikel is away on holiday at the moment, not sure if he will be interested in helping when he gets back. @simoneluijckx - you don’t know any german do you?


@Kirsten , not well enough to translate OFN technical terms unfortunately.


Maybe @Selmo will know ? :wink: