What's New - v1.3 (151218)

Released on: 18/12/2015

Continuing the discussion from What's New - v1.2 (150911):

##For Super-Admin

##For Customers

  • The grey top link / dropdown goes to /register rather than taking visitors to openfoodnetwork.org (which was confusing)

##For Enterprises

  • Xero reports. Allows enterprise users to import invoices into the Xero accounting package.

  • added a new report for detailed line item breakout (Found at Reports > Xero > Detailed )

  • adapt for invoice importing from enterprise accounts

  • import order ‘adjustments’ as separate line items (with GST setting)

  • Edit / Manage Orders

    • Can create an order for a customer. Can assign to hub and order cycle.
    • generate printable / pdf invoice from Order (use button ‘Print’)
    • send invoice attached to an email to customers (use button ‘Invoice’) from within an order.
    • Can dictate whether an adjustment is tax inclusive or tax free.
    • Invoice layout now includes OC name, customer shipping notes and items ordered alphabetically.
    • Actions in view/edit order all now sit within a dropdown menu, making it simpler to send invoices, email confirmations etc.
  • Auto-generate emails to Producers summarising what they need to supply to Order Cycle (Via ‘notify producers’ button, within individual order cycle). See example email at bottom of this page in manual.

  • Tweeks to improve useability of the Order Cycle page. Includes options to expand/collapse all, shows products in alphabetical order and option to ‘update’ the order cycle or ‘update and close’. Specific details here.

  • The shopfront order cycle dropdown (when a shop has >1 OC open) is ordered by closing date (closing soonest first), or Enterprises can now select to have it ordered by opening date (in enterprise’s ‘shop preferences’ settings.


  • When you use variable weights (in Bulk Order Management), the changes are now correctly portrayed in all (we think) the relevant places, including reports and the customer fronting views. Please let us know (new topic under ‘Bugs’) if you find somewhere that these changes are not flowing through
  • Customer name security - so enterprises can’t see customer names for other hubs, even if they own the producers (updating some old reports that hadn’t had this implemented)
  • UK report changes completed and in
  • Improvements to the Lettuce Share report
  • Bug fix- final weight/volume is updated when quantity is changed (in BOM or Order Edit or shopfront).

##For Groups


  • Lots of work to streamline and improve provisioning and deployment, see here and here
  • New version of the engine (Ruby 2) to make everything faster.
  • Adding items to the shopping cart now happens at a consistent speed, regardless of how large an order is.
  • The Travis configuration file was updated. Everybody can use the free testing infrastructure again to have continuous automated testing of each code change. A complete test run now takes only 10 minutes.

##Next Up
Upgrade Variant Override to Inventory Management interface
Discourse integration

##Upgrade notes
###Upgrading Ruby

Release 1.3 uses Ruby 2 under the hood. If you’re performing an upgrade, you’ll need to confirm that you have Ruby 2.1.5 installed before you perform the upgrade.

Here’s how to check if you have Ruby 2.1.5 installed:

$ ruby -v
ruby 2.1.5p273 (2014-11-13 revision 48405) [x86_64-linux]

$ rbenv versions
* 2.1.5 (set by /home/ubuntu/.rbenv/version)

If you do not have that version installed, the latest version can be set up using ansible:

Update vars.yml with new ruby version: 2.1.5
$ ansible-playbook -i my_server.inventory ruby_update.yml

###Problems with wkhtmltopdf-binary
After performing the upgrade, you may find that unicorn fails to start, and see errors about being unable to find the wkhtmltopdf binary. This is caused by unicorn being started without the correct environment, so that rbenv is not activated.

This can be fixed by executing unicorn within a bash login shell, like so:

Edit /etc/init.d/unicorn_openfoodnetwork
Wrap CMD definition in bash -lc, like this:

CMD="bash -l -c 'cd /home/ubuntu/apps/openfoodnetwork/current; bundle exec unicorn -D -c /home/ubuntu/apps/openfoodnetwork/shared/config/unicorn.rb -E production'"

Is v1.3 released? Can’t find it on github release page…

nope not yet, that’s why it says draft instead of having a date

perhaps friday, fingers crossed

btw we think (hope!) that we have the cart hanging thing sorted once and for all!

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Wow great! Thanks for the reply @Kirsten. Looking forward to test the next version.

ping @CynthiaReynolds