What E2E links do new Enterprises have?

Continuing discussion from What Enterprises can a User create:

When a new Enterprise is created, a number of E2E links are automatically set-up, to simplify the most common set-up arrangements for Hubs (where they take responsibility for creating producer profiles and distributor hubs). This also allows for an easier transition process, for example if/when a Producer that was set up by a Hub wants to take on independent management of their Enterprise the right permissions will be in place for them to continue working with the initiating Hub.

I own a hub and have an enterprise limit >1
I create a new enterprise that is NOT a 'producer’

  • This new enterprise is type ‘ANY’ by default
  • This new enterprise is automatically granted P-OC and P-VO from any Producer profiles which I also own.
  • This new enterprise has automatically granted P-OC status to all hubs owned by the same user.

*This means that the new hub can add existing producers, owned by the user, to order cycles and perform variant over rides. It also mean the existing hub can add the new hub to order cycles.

I create a new enterprise that IS a 'producer’

  • This new enterprise is type ‘NONE’ by default
  • This new enterprise has automatically granted P-OC and P-VO to all hubs that I own (excluding profile only hubs, with ‘none’ status).
  • There are no E2E links formed between this profile and other producer profiles I own.

*This means that any of the Owners existing hubs can add the new producer to order cycles, and perform variant overrides. These can be manually upgraded/downgraded if/as neccessary.

These permissions then affect how the new Enterprise can be used in Order Cycles, more info here.


  • If a Manager creates an Enterprise, no auto-E2E links are created. Should they be?

My testing showed:
Assuming users have been given >1 enterprise limit…
When a user creates a new profile, that profile will automatically have full E2E permissions with ANY hub (selling any) that that user OWNS. If a user OWNS more than one hub, a newly created profile will have full E2E links with ALL of the owned hubs (not just the first).

Thus, this…

seems to be done.

When a user creates a new profile, that profile will NOT automatically have full E2E permission with any of the hubs that user MANAGES.

When an user who owns a hub creates a new profile, they become OWNER of their additional profile. But any MANAGERS of their hub will not automatically become managers, HOWEVER they will be able to view the new profile in their Enterprise section, and edit the profile (but they can’t then assign themselves as manager).

  • hub profiles don’t show up on the dashboard in the My Enterprises table, only in the Enterprise tab.

Looks to me like this is ‘overdone’ . . @RohanM can you confirm, I think what you have done is that when a new Enterprise is created, full E2E links are created in both directions with all other Enterprises that the User owns (as opposed to just the cases as outlined above). This means that (for example), I have just created a new Producer and it has given all the other producers full links, and vice versa. This is not right.

much better! but still missing this one @RohanM
when new hub created,
E2E links are created to the hub, granting all permissions from all producers owned by the same user (so all existing Producers owned by that User will be available to that Hub)