Product Roadmap

The Product Roadmap shows the areas and features that we intend to develop, including user suggested features that we agree need to be part of the core product. NOTE: it hasn’t been updated in while! We will get to this…at some point…but in the meantime checkout the wishlist category which tends to be updated more often and gives a better idea of features under consideration and for which we are seeking contributions.

To see what the current OFN software already does, see the Feature List.

  • Links give you more detailed information about what is proposed or under development, and you are welcome to join the conversation.
  • Bold links indicate that we are currently working on this
  • Italics indicate that this is unlikely to be included in v1.0

Getting on Board


  • Sign-up


Purchasing Food


  • Discover a Shop
    • Find shops that deliver or collect near me - improve map/proximity search
    • Hub / Producer listing pages - improve UX of navigating to a Shop
  • Discover Products
  • Order




  • *Manage Profile
  • My Shops
  • My Orders*



  • Manage Group


  • Recommendations and Ratings
  • Feedback
  • Follow / Join


  • Log in / log out
  • Update user manual after each sprint cycle
  • Web presence/copy refresh
  • Help & Support
  • Notifications & Internal Messaging
  • Education
  • Promotion & Lead Generation

@danielle - I’m a bit unclear about what to do with the Product Roadmap page now - seems like it’s probably replaced by Development: Doing; Backlog and Wishlist? as well as the feature summary? perhaps we can work this out next week . . for now I’ll unpin it because we don’t really need it to be the first thing people see