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About the 0- Wishlist (curation) category (1)
Notify Producers email to include customer details (14)
A first iteration on product chain logic enabling full transparency (6)
Improve 'Shop Closed' page to provide useful information to potential shoppers (7)
[WIP] Revamping OFN as Enterprise Search & Directory (5)
Repository of images available for use in shops (2)
Subscriptions improvements ( 2 ) (21)
Add translations inheritance/fallback mechanism (2)
As EU, how can I adjust prices after an order has been placed? (1)
Spec for new reports to facilitate using a train line for distribution (1)
Order cycle redesign in new product chain model (1)
Permissions in the new product chain model (1)
Product Reception and Shipping fee in new product chain model (1)
Improve UX of Products page when updating price and stock level (7)
Enable product chain tracking & hub's variants creation (3)
Inventory Management - Separate Product Info (6)
'Networked e-commerce' overhaul [META] (3)
Buying group can continue selling surplus after placing wholesale order (3)
Summarise, adjust and place wholesale order (3)
Volunteer's management e.g. for packing/distribution, etc (5)
Users can navigate and use OFN features in their own visual environment (3)
Hubs and producers can easily create their enterprise on OFN (3)
Enable hub manager to launch the relevant operations when order status changes (3)
Mobile Strategy Pt 2: Standalone - Embedded / API (7)
Private vs open products (2)
Buying Group applies price 'translations' to inventory from wholesaler (2)
Enable efficient shop browsing and searching (sub-cats?) (2)
Users have the appropriate permissions given their role and all those who can be created automatically are (2)
Improve Producer visibility on OFN (2)
Hubs can understand how their customers use OFN to adapt accordingly (2)