What's New - v0.7.4 (150318)

##For Customers


  • Order confirmation page now contains all the info you need. Detailed information on the changes is here


  • Do not show ‘out of stock’ in item description on order confirmation page (when Customer has purchased the last in stock
  • Bunch of nice little laura touches e.g.
  • cart drop-down displays product name AND variant label if they are different
  • shipping panel notifies if shipping method is adding a cost to your order
  • more obvious access to user account from within the cog
  • Order confirmation email improved format and readability, includes additional information including: payment state; variant labels

##For Enterprises

  • Hubs can create Variant Overrides
  • Owner of an Enterprise can add other Managers [NB. slightly buggy: best only use to add other existing users to the system]
  • Increased prominence of Shop / Hub branding on Order Confirmation email (relative to OFN branding)
  • If you are an User that is able to create multiple enterprises, E2E links for those Enterprises will be automatically created
  • New reports to build StroudCo / UK compatible - see Order Cycle Management Reports and outlines here
  • a whole lot of stuff around GST/VAT . . ready for back-end set-up but not front-end use yet. See notes here for setting up tax on your instance


  • Order Cycles: if you are a ‘complex’ Enterprise User with multiple Enterprises of different types, you will now be prompted to select your OC Coordinator first, and then presented with the appropriate order cycle interface (simple or complex)
  • If a new Enterprise has not had its email confirmed, you will not be able to add it to the Order Cycle until this is done (this was previously preventing any Products appearing in the Shopfront)
  • ‘Account’ link at top of Enterprise admin view now takes you to your user account page

##For Groups

  • We have a whole new Groups interface. Find out more about Groups . .
  • Nominated User can now manage a Group. This User needs to be set by site admin (you cannot create your own Group). Contact us on hello @ openfoodnetwork.org if you are interested in a Group

##For Super-Admin

  • Adding visible to user and enterprises report, and sorting by confirmation date
  • Auto-creation of E2E links when Owner of an Enterprise creates new Enterprise (minimising manual workload for getting relationships and permissions in place)


  • Upgrade Rails to 3.2.21

Previous Release What’s New - v0.7.3 (150130):

When is this planned to be released? Just checking cos Aidan and I will use it for testing Stroudco migration if it will be soon.

just testing some stuff - planning for tomorrow

is released. we’ll put a version number on it today . .