Software roadmap 2023

May 11th update

Reminder: this is mostly about our current work. No one is full time nor working regular hours per week. This makes it super difficult to estimate when the item listed below will be ticked off.


Changes (status) in bold :slight_smile:

  • Split checkout: Split checkout is now 100% active on all instances :tada: - A couple of bugs have popped up eg this one. Final step is to remove legacy checkout and then we are done. Woop!

  • Tax reports: These tricky reports are going back and forth between dev and test but progress is being made. They cause headaches to devs so no one is working on them full time. @dcook is working on this alongside BUU. Mission to get this released before @Rachel returns :wink: [Reports] Enterprise Fees with Tax Report · Issue #6815 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub

  • Backoffice UI uplift: ** @dcook is working on this. Current tasks are New Colours & Success Metrics**. First step towards Network 2.0 - our product list is getting a face lift. Also AngularJS will be removed from the product list. This will lay the ground for every shiny new experience network 2.0 is about.
    Context: Backoffice Product List table user interface uplift 1

  • DFC product API mapping: this work is now being approached as two separate tasks wrt tracking: developing the Ruby Connector and Developing the OFN-DFC Product link. @maikel is leading on this. This project is being funded by FR DFC, UK FDC and AU. Here is the epic for the remaining work.

  • Legally compliant invoices: previously called “History of invoice changes”: No major changes, but progressing Last update: Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices - #46 by Rachel

  • Vouchers & credits: Final stages on phase one due to be completed this week :muscle: After current issues have been released this work will pause until further funding is secured. Find the epic here. Full spec on Discourse here.

  • Basic white label: Almost ready to go! Awaiting the removal of the feature toggle before we can merge the last PRs and get this live. - More on Github Epic & Discourse

  • Bye-bye angular: No change A long and ongoing project to remove AngularJS and replace with the reactive rails stack

  • Reports with download links: Sigificant progress, though a lot of back and forth in testing. Reports will soon be handled by a background job. We want to push this work further and allow in the future very big report to be downloaded (this will required to send a link to the user).

  • Supporting docker for contributors : No change When new contributors want to work on the project they often use docker on their local machine. But no one in the core team uses it, so it’s often not working properly. We want to change this.

  • Fix ofn-install build : No major changes, but @jibees is working on this - Github

  • Improve VCR testing: No changes - This automated tool will enable us to test automatically Stripe. It would avoid a lot of bugs in the future!

  • API test automation: No changes As we are progressing with building our API, we need to lay the structure for its automated testing**

  • Release test automation: No changes, but progressing Testers are spending around an hour each week to test the release. what a joy it would bring to them to stop doing this repetitive task.

Up next

What will happen next?

  • Product list tags: on our path to remove inventory, we need to be able to tag products
  • Product modal: Unique URLs for Products
  • Product refactor: we would love to finish Part 1 to 3 in 2023.
  • New funded feature : Discovery endpoints, which has a deadline in August.

See last product roadmap discussion here: Product circle March 15th