Product circle March 15th

@lin_d_hop @Kirsten before turning this into something more visual, here are my notes from last Wednesday, sorry for the delay.

I’ve left aside tech-debt & testing & sysadmin which are happening in parallel.

Currently in play

Core pipe:

  • Split checkout: soon to be completely rolled-out - no issues in play aside of future bugs we haven’t seen
  • Background reports: can be activated in production, but still not working properly // currently investigated
  • Tax report: David is taking over, maybe next would be good to pick up Reports with download links. We have mentioned that report with download links is useful for performance, but it’s also interesting for the funded feature program: it would enable to build custom reports for some users and have them send out per email instead of handling this on the UI. :warning: this needs background reports to work.
  • Back office product UI uplift (BUU): currently on standby, looks like devs are scared of this one :slight_smile:
  • New admin colours to ease the launch of BUU and vouchers

Funded features:

  • DFC (we need to lay down properly DFC’s budget again to see where we are at)
  • Vouchers & Basic white label: this is moving forward in dev. :warning: : if split checkout is not released, this 2 can’t be activated as they are built on split checkout

What we have agreed should go next

  • Product list tags (working with current tags system) :warning: this needs Back office product UI uplift to be done
  • Product refactor : we target to finish Part 1 to 3 in 2023. This includes new product API. We agreed it’s probably best to do tags before diving into the big refactor. To be confirmed. But looking at dependencies, it’s best to get BUU done first before diving into this at the dev side.
  • Legal invoices are on the list, but depending how we move forward, it’s possible another funded feature is coming before : Discovery endpoints, which has a deadline in August.

Other potential funded feature mentioned:

  • Order cycle duplication
  • Product modal
  • Vouchers API
  • Checkout API / Offline shopping form
  • Orders with DFC
  • Subscription v2

This is now detailed in @lin_d_hop 's post here : 2023 Funded Features Roadmap :tada: Lynne I don’t know if vouchers API are included already?

Other frequent painpoints we have mentioned

  • I need to pay my producers reports (minimal version when not going into split payments) => This could already be answered thanks to the new tax reports
  • Sending alerts to customers => This needs to be added in the integration pipe
  • Packing reports => This needs to be added in the integration pipe
  • Stock reports => This needs to be added in the integration pipe
  • Processing refunds => This should be looked at at the same time we look at credits. Should credits be added to the potential funded features?