Basic 'White Label' Feature Set for Shopfronts

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An Australian user has some $$ to put towards some platform enhancements that reduce their customer confusion and improve navigation for users that have ‘groups of hubs’. The user is REKO Australia and they represent a network of REKO rings in Australia. They have a separate website that helps people find and navigate to the appropriate REKO ring for them. Then they are redirected to Open Food Network shops. Any use of the navigation within OFN is then going to take them further away from the ‘REKO’ identity that they arrived with. They were interested in setting up a separate instance to avoid this, but we discouraged this for all the cost / maintenance overhead / loss of network reasons.

This issue has come up before, but with some $$ to look at it, we have come up with a series of small changes (possible papercuts?) to deliver a solution. Full discussion in this slidepack here. The proposed issues are summarised below.

NB. There was a discussion of introducing automated visual regression testing as part of this work. @maikel estimate is about a day’s work. TBC whether that is considered a priority

1. White Label / Customise top navigation

  • Enterprise owner and manager can set this from within Enterprise Settings / Shop Preferences, in a new sub-section called ‘White Label’
  • Allow change of logo at top left (upload image), user can set custom url for click on the logo
  • Hide Open Food Network top navigation (Hubs, Producers, About, Learn etc)
  • When ‘on’ should be applied to the Shop, Checkout, View Cart and Order Confirmation pages

2. Custom control of Group and new Tab/s in Shop menus

The Groups page hypothetically offers an opportunity for a network of Hubs like this to showcase their Hubs. But it is limited in functionality and the current ‘in-shop’ Groups tab does not work to showcase the other Hubs in the group (simply navigates off the page without clear explanation).

Our proposal is to give the user more freedom and flexibility with how they might create and use a Tab that enables navigation of their network. We propose to do this by including additional White Label settings

  • Option to hide the Groups tab (shows by default if the Shop is in a Group)
  • Option to ‘Add New Custom Tab’ - user can set name and custom content, using standard editor (same as for home and about pages). NB. It was discussed that this might be an opportune time to select and bring in a new editor with reactive rails.

3. Remove Open Food Network header from the top of Order Confirmation emails

Shoppers currently receive order confirmation emails that highlight Open Food Network with a big header at the top. Many users have reported this as confusing. All required information is included lower down in the email (footers etc). We are proposing to remove this banner from all order confirmation emails i.e. NOT make this a white label setting, just do it. I have created a papercut for this one here

NB. Consideration could be given to also allowing these white label settings onto the Groups page. TBC if that requires any / much extra work

I would do this as first issue. It’s very small but includes:

  • Add White Label tab to enterprise settings.
  • Add option to hide OFN navigation.
  • Hide OFN navigation when on the shop page, during checkout and order confirmation and the order’s distributor has this option on.

With all these parts it just fits into the papercut size.

These are two new options but they only make sense in combination. There’s still a way to split it into two issues:

New logo

  • Enterprise can have a custom menu_logo.
  • Add upload form to the White Label settings tab.
  • If custom logo is uploaded then link to
  • The logo is displayed in the top menu and the mobile menu. It needs to scale.

Custom logo link

  • Enterprise can have a custom menu_logo_link_url.
  • It can be changed on the White Label tab.
  • If present, then it’s used instead of or the OFN default URL.

Both are papercut size each.


While this isn’t huge, it’s bigger than a papercut. I would imagine:

  • Add a new model ShopTab <title, content> and associate it with an enterprise.
  • Add a new enterprise settings tab to edit the shop tab.
  • Technically, this is open to many custom tabs per shop but I would limit it to one tab in the UI to make it simple to start with. We also have six other tabs already and usability declines when you have more than seven items in a menu.
  • Consider the Trix editor to the content. We are thinking of moving it in other parts of the app as well.

Trying to follow this - but not sure I am. If I understand correctly, this would meet 2 different needs that exist now with OFN-CAN users.

  1. We have 4 high-trading cut flower hubs (Indeed they are OFN-CAN’s major users) at present, with more coming on. (Local cut flowers are booming post covid as global chains have never recovered.) They feel like the ‘food’ brand doesn’t make sense for them - but they like everything else about OFN. Most of these hubs run like cooperatives so they feel values aligned.
  2. Different provinces in Canada operate different funding /supports for farmers. In the past, users have asked if we can ‘brand’ OFN to a particular province (like OFN-Ontario) because it would help them access provincial funding. (Provinces might actually pay for a province -specific e-commerce option…)
    So do I understand correctly - that the above white label feature set, would be an option available at a hub level? So each hub would opt in to this white label feature and create their own logo, custom tab…

How could this work if we wanted a new network (ie - all flower farms and hubs in Canada; or all farms and hubs in Ontario)? So I’m thinking at a network level that encompasses multiple enterprises (like how we use groups now kind of – but agreeing the groups feature is lacking)

I’m not sure if this is clear… basically I guess I’m looking for a pseudo white labelling of OFN-CAN, so it could be OFN-Cntario, or Open Flower Network…

(Regardless - even if this only applies to an enterprise - I think flower hubs here would contribute to funded features in this area.)

@tschumilas at this stage it would only apply to the shop pages (shop, checkout, cart and order confirmation)

We see potential to extend this to also apply to the Group page, as well as having discussed some potential improvements to get the group pages more functional, but having parked them for our first iteration. There is definitely a lot that could be done quite quickly to make the group page work better for these networks. We mapped a bit of this, but then decided that we probably would need a designer to actually do well, and that’s when we came up with the Custom tab in the Shop that they can then set up as their ‘group’ page, and put the same content into each hub . . if that makes sense. So in this use case they might call that tab something like “REKO Rings” and set it up to showcase other Rings in similar region to the Hub page you’re on

In this use case the user will be setting the same logo / link across the network - so they will all be being ‘top level branded’ as REKO Australia, with each ring then identified as usual in the Shop/Hub branding

Got it. Thanks for taking the time to explain. We have Reko rings here too (I think its a global thing?) Here they mostly are using fb. We approached them in the past to keep their FB approach, but add an online option (that they promote via fb) - but we couldn’t get them engaged. Maybe this branding change will appeal…

In your Reko example then - will ALL emails come from Reko? or will they still come from OFN-AUS?

Hi :wave:

I agree with @maikel, all seems like papercuts, I’m a bit more concerned about that “Add New Custom Tab” from a developper point of view: this is definitely not a papercut.

And I also agree, I think I would start with Allow 'hide' of OFN main navigation · Issue #423 · openfoodfoundation/wishlist · GitHub

Should I start working on it?

I just saw this message now @jibees - I would say yes start working on it :slight_smile: But we have delivery train first thing when you wake up so hopefully we can get agreement on that