Vouchers Discounts Credits V1 Designs

Following on from the conversations here, this is the place to discuss designs for v1 of our vouchers work.

Jess will post designs below :slight_smile:

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Front end design

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Back end design

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Amazing! Thanks @jessicazahra

Next Steps

Please take a look and add any comments asap as we are on a tight deadline for the first release of this work. Unfortunately we won’t be waiting for all the feedback to come in before we start. But all comments and thoughts will be much appreciated as we start to move through the piece.

Kick off

We’ll be planning a kick off meeting in the coming week or so for the delivery team to break this piece into deliverable chunks and figure out the delivery strategy. I think between UK and AU there is sufficient funding to deliver this piece with all the bells and whistles, but the first focus will be the simplest version to which we’ll improve until we’ve spent all available funds. If there are aspects of this that you think are more important than others please do comment below as that will help with the prioritisation :slight_smile:

Very cool videos and such thoughtful design of the logic and UX. Thank you! :green_heart:

The restrictions add quite a bit of complexity there. So maybe we can leave them out of the first iteration? Would it be enough to say that each voucher can only be used once? You just need to generate more for multiple users and repeated use.

The restrictions add quite a bit of complexity there. So maybe we can leave them out of the first iteration? Would it be enough to say that each voucher can only be used once? You just need to generate more for multiple users and repeated use.

Maybe we can beta release this and get user feedback behind a feature toggle to break up the work a bit. I would say that v1 needs to have more reuse flexibility that just 1 voucher 1 use for users to be satisfied. However I can imagine telling users a small group can have access to the beta for testing while we continue to flesh out the feature - I think that would go down well.

@lin_d_hop and @maikel this is the plan for the minimum viable product that @Kirsten helped put together based on the poll we sent out to key Aus users and global instance managers. It shows that the restrictions are a phase 2 goal.

@jessicazahra in your back office design you had UI to see the number and value of vouchers used when the filter was applied for food equity on an enterprise level. The MVP must include UI for the same at the superadmin level (eg OFN) so that we can report it for the project M&E and to get future funding. Can you please include that?

@RonellaG Do you have any more guidance on this?
Given that the functionality is being written for enterprise level querying I suspect that there might be performance implications to simply put the same UI aggregated over all producers at super admin level.
For M&E would a superadmin report be sufficient? I think this would be simpler in both design and implementation. Super admins can still access the functionality on an Enterprise basis for support.

From memory @Kirsten mentioned it would be simpler to have it in the UI but perhaps she was thinking specifically about the enterprise level? - Kirsten please clarify. Given that we are going for a much larger pool of funding to continue this work, it would be really good to have OFN level UI on food equity indicators that government or philanthropy can access when they land on our platform. But perhaps this is a phase 2 thing? What would help your funders in the UK need @lin_d_hop?

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Okay, public stats sounds like a different thing again to super admin summaries.
Sounds like more spec is needed to know exactly what is needed so let’s not let it hold up v1.

Does the superadmin view need anything different? As Lynne mentioned, there could be a performance concern. But if we can do this without any additional work then we can trial that first and see how the performance is.

I want to see who used the voucher code.

Is an email address sufficient?

Since guest checkout should be supported, we can’t link it to a user account. The best is probably to link it to an order (or multiple). The order has an email, the enterprise and the user id if present.

It will need a different way to sit in the UI because currently the functionality is in Enterprise Settings which always scopes to a single enterprise. To my mind this blows the scope providing unnecessary functionality. The need is stats/summaries across all enterprises, so copy-pasting a UI that also allows all CRUD operations over all vouchers for all enterprises feels excessive.

Does the superadmin view need anything different?

@maikel No the superadmin view would be exactly the same except pulling aggregated numbers for all enterprises. In the MVP plan it’s articulated as:

  • I want to see how many vouchers have been used (in UI for individual shops and as superadmin)
  • I want to see the total value of vouchers used (in UI for individual shops and as superadmin)

@lin_d_hop I am happy to go with a report that only superadmin can access as an MVP preference if the “public stats” is too hard basket for this stage.

Thanks a lot for this amazing work and very nice videos !

In france we do not have voucher need except for « deposit management ».
« Deposit management » is a need often mentioned by producers that I’ll try to explain bellow.

When a customer buys a product, this product is sometimes packaged in a reusable container which is returnable. The classic scénario is :
The customer buys a product with a container > consumes this product > returns the container to the seller > recovers the sum of the value of the container (the container is then reused by the seller and re-marketed against deposit)

Today we use this hack to meet the need Facilitate management of returnable packaging · Issue #307 · openfoodfoundation/wishlist · GitHub

We do see in this voucher feature a potential easiest way ton manage « Deposit ». But these specifications makes the use of the deposit difficult or even impossible from our comprehension today.

A “simple” alternative to meet our need in FR would be for the producer to create a voucher reusable by any client. Thus, our producers could easily manage the return of the deposits. And if, unfortunately, the code is misused, the producer will only have to delete this voucher.
Question / Thought : Is it possible that from V1 a voucher can be used several times and by the same person, without being associated with a particular product / order?

Hi @Cecilia-Hn,
Just to clarify, I am interpretting v1 to include almost everything outlined here. Phases outlined here are more a delivery plan so that we can roll out and test things in an agile way. So while there might be some releases that come out that don’t have the ability for vouchers to be used many times, we’ll be work continuously on this until v1 is completed, which will include enabling voucher to be used many times as this is a key requirement of the main UK funder.

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@RonellaG @lin_d_hop I’m noticing that the admin here is looking wayyy different from what Melissa did and what we started implementing in BUU. Are these the new colors that are validated for the admin side?