Unique URLs for Products

Hey All,

Hoping to get some feedback from the community about a suggestion that has come in through the UK.

Currently products open up in iframes and thus don’t have a URL that can be shared.

The thinking around the want and need for this is around marketing and being able to create social media posts around specific items or to direct customers to specific items if they’ve made an enquiry.

Would be interested in hearing feedback about the idea around the functionality please.



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Hi @SineadOFNUK ! I get your point, I understand why it can be useful. We didn’t have this request from our users for now, so for me I wouldn’t put that as a priority, but I would have no objection if that’s something that’s a priority for UK. Most marketplaces can open up a dedicated page for every product. Until now we only have a pop-in, which is enough for now, but I guess having a product page woud also be good. I’m just wondering how this would work, because it can also not be good in term of UX to drive the buyer out of the shop if he goes to a product page. That’s the advantage of the pop-in, even though it might not be ideal in terms of readability. How do you see the UX of this product page, and articulation with the shop?

Hey there, I can see the value of unique URLs, the only two things I wonder about are:

  1. SOLUTION & COST - What’s the solution design to be able to achieve this? Is it complex and potentially requires an overhaul of the way the shop and the products within it are displayed…which then could potentially turn this into a complete shop UX/design overhaul? @Matt-Yorkley @enricostn @sauloperez @oeoeaio @maikel any thoughts on this?

  2. BENEFIT - To balance out the cost/scope of work to be done to achieve this, does the associated benefit we get from unique URLs make it worthy of focus at the moment, or are there other things that deserve priority over it? Have been thinking around how we decide what new features to build or things to improve, and how do we measure them against each other to make a more strategic and aligned roadmap, and spend our collective (and rather scarce) global funds on the things that deliver the most value for the community. I think this is going to be one of the things we discuss when some of us gather in Australia in December…tis a rather large question to be responding with when you just want feedback about this particular feature. Apologies!

I don’t think that it is that difficult. We need to create one new page which is pretty much the content of the product modal on its own. Instead of opening the modal, we can then navigate to the product page. It should also contain a link back to the shop.

It would even be quite easy to feature-toggle this. The click on a product can either open the modal or show the product page on its own depending on a setting.

I would reckon one day of work with testing and everything.

This would also help SEO a lot.

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I’m really sorry to be the one always ruining the party :sweat: but the complexity that this adds is not free and I feel like we tend to think it is. In any case, I’m pretty sure this would take more than a day.

The way I see it, If we really think this is a top priority, which I doubt, we either stick to the product page or not.

IMHO there are things that annoy much more our users and that we should fix / improve first :wink: I would rather focus on Private shops / Deletions / Split payments / Subsriptions v2 / Box builder / … first !