Delivery Circle - 6th June 2023

Have been working on BUU.
Discussion: Let’s get minimum style uplift out as soon as possible. The products bulk edit screen can remain hidden with feature toggle while it is developed further.

Timing: is it reasonable to finish the styling by end of June? That is:

  • navigation menus and brand colours 10630
  • basic table styling (first part of 10694) (minimum chagnes to avoid need for testing)

Blocked on a mobile spec; Filipe to have a look today.
Soon to pick up BUU styles task.

Should we prioritise Prettier css admin #10876 for JB’s BUU task?
David: maybe, but it shouldn’t be a blcoker

Matomo: Wondering why are we not tracking three steps? There is a reasonable explanation.
To discuss at the end if we have time.

Working on DFC. Have a hacky version working.

Waiting on Maxime for feedback, and working on updates for the DFC connector.
This will be worthwhile because future version of DFC will work without having to re-map data.

Konrad: have an issue unable to authenticate DFC with user.

  • To share details so Maikel can look into it.

@Mario is there a timeframe for Product Links?

  • To agree a deadline with Lynne.

@Gaetan: working on vouchers.
L: Confirmed we can use next year’s budget, but is that ok?
K: Let’s be very careful, let’s try but keep it tight.

Removing master variants: ready for review
Found some bugs while working on the checkout specs

When the order total is zero, things can break (not just with vouchers)

Can we take a test driven approach to prevent scope creep?
Discussion: it seems a very important use-case for vouchers.

  • Timetracking: need to get Matt into Clockify.

Removing split checkout toggle
Fixing bug
Will check out Filipe’s new tests for Tax report.

Let me know if any urgent issues to test for next release.
Let’s push the bug fix to next up in testing.

Great that we’re sticking to the roadmap :sunglasses:

Next week: let’s talk Matomo first.

Matomo: Wondering why are we not tracking three steps? There is a reasonable explanation.
To discuss at the end if we have time.

A quick comment here: we have a pretty good lead on the reason why only the first checkout step is tracked, discussion here - in a way, split checkout pages behave like a single page application (SPA), a detail which seems to matter for tracking with Matomo. We might need some code changes as discussed with @Matt-Yorkley .

Anyway, I was wondering where we’re at here since we have reports of customers not concluding orders, and remaining on the /summary step. It would be great to be able to understand how much of an issue this is currently. This however might have budget implications and may not be a priority - let’s chat next week.