Provide a more flexible reporting functionality with rich data access

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What is the need / problem

  • it’s hard fr a user to find the info he wants in the existing reports (lots of noise, infos spread among multiple reports)
  • Some info people need isn’t available on existing reports (ex: delivery place)
  • There is a complexity overhead in meeting info needs (hard to adapt to users requests, today we need to create each time new reports or add columns to existing ones each time there is a new need, which is not easy)

Who does it impact

Fred (if he needs reports on his products, how they are sold, etc.), Mary and Shannon (for reports on their sales, orders, delivery, packing, etc.), Manel (for meta-reports about instance use). So basically all users apart Jane (final customer).

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Today hubs need to ask reports modification or new reports if they want a data that is not yet in the reports, and we are not able to do it. So basically they have to do with what is there, and try to find workaround to follow other data they need.
  • It’s hard to measure the performance and evolutions for hubs and instances as data are not easily accessible.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • It will allow much more flexibility for our users in their activity monitoring, as well as for instance managers.
  • It will make it easier for hubs to organize their operations with the appropritate data they need.

Links to more details

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

We did a value/ease matrix in Aus Dec17 and selected as a potential feature candidate:
“Build huge core reports + pre-defined reports (as existing)”


Ahhhh, the big “fix reports” icebox item.

Very topical.

@MyriamBoure given the other (wishlist?) report thing you added last week (or this week?) should we be streamlining the report problems into this one?


I’ve had a report improvement request from a user and I’m not sure what to tell him about the status of report improvements, and whether his particular request will get captured in the next reports improvements?

What he needs:
In the Customer Addresses report he needs the customer’s billing address to be split into 3 columns (address, city, postcode). Currently the report only gives you the address in a single column with the address and suburb (postcode not included). He needs this so he can import data into Quickbooks.


@sstead we want to take this as an example of us responding in ‘bespoke’ way to meet needs of aus users where things unlikely to get through global pipe.

can you tell @maikel who this is and if there is any particular date setting to start from or they just want all customers? He can whip up a csv in less than 10 mins and send to them in good faith

Then if you can also find out:

  • how often do they anticipate wanting this e.g. every month, sporadically, every time they have a new customer?

  • how important is responsivity e.g. can they wait 24 hours or need instantaneously

There would be a range of ways we could provide this which we could work out a cost for (minimal), but want to make sure we don’t overspec


It’s Josh, he needs it once off to import all customers into Quickbooks (entire date range) and each week to add any new customers.

He can get the information he needs across 2 reports - he can use OC customer totals (for address in the format he needs) and the Customer Address report (for phone number, which is not in OC cutomer totals).


In the UK we do this with Zapier.

You can actually trigger a new customer in QuickBooks to be created when a new customer orders, totally automatically.

I am aware I’ve still not documented anything about setting up Zapier with OFN. :-/